Thursday, October 7, 2010

75th Wedding Anniversary

Two people still in pretty good health celebrating 75 years of being together!!
A nice little dinner with family (including us) ... and a surprise party at the care center

You can read about the running events in our lives during the last three weeks on Make It a Masterpiece. Especially note the run for Myeloma Research.
Really, I will try to get back to blogging a bit.

Note what Don has to say about our bad experience with an expensive Toshiba laptop waranty on his Pea Gravel blog. No more Toshiba in this house!

It is autumn in Minnesota


Beth said...

Congratulations! Beautiful pictures.

Dori said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! Not only are you still together, you are clearly very much in love!

DawnB said...

Happy Anversary, congratulations only 47 years to go :) that is wonderful news that it can actually last that long must be true love indeed. Outstanding.

Sunshine said...

Hoing everyone understands this celebration was for Don's parents' anniversary, not ours.
But yes, we are still together, too!!

A Plain Observer said...

75 years...that is just incredible and still celebrating not mourning! kidding.