Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Journey of the Knee

Today, my little half hour with the manual therapist went well.

Through this whole 5 month odyssey with knee injury, this is the first person who expressed interest my actual running. As I ran on a treadmill, she pointed out several accommodations I am making because of the pain. I am hopeful that I can run more efficiently and with less pain.

The first sports doctor I saw seemed to me to be angry and his referral to a therapist was strictly to assign exercises.
The current referral is for a manual therapist which, by title does imply something more. The hands on therapy is theraputic and instructive.

Two days ago in the 5K race, the pain that bothered most was some IT band pain. Today's session may help. Too bad I can't get another appointment for a month.

Hope springs eternal. I love the walk/running I do with Sweet Pea, and don't want to give it up.

Thanks for all the good comments and caring.

It is apple time in the yard of some family members.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Myeloma 5K

MMRF (Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation) 5K Race for Research

Around a thousand participants, runners and walkers, headed for the start. Survivor's shirts were bright yellow, others were white.

Race was around Lake Phalen in St. Paul.
A brisk breeze, temperature around 60, rain threatened, but never materialized, which was great for the race and disappointing for the record-breaking draught in St. Paul.
Shoreline restoration project in full bloom: next 3 pictures

Huge posters gave family and friends opportunity to write messages. There were "Running in Tribute" signs available to pin on shirts. Teams of supporters wore matching shirts of various designs and colors. Kids, toddlers in strollers, dogs, wheel chairs, young and old: it was a community day.

On the way home we saw a STUDEBAKER ! Well, yes, a little off subject, but cute car.

Knee report coming Tuesday or Wednesday, following yet another manual therapy session!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nike Running Shoes

Congratulations, NIKE!
Newsweek, September 28, ranks 500 big companies: The Greenest Big Companies in America....
And NIKE is 7th (SEVENTH) out of 500!

"Nike requires more than 650 contract factories in 52 countries to have written environmental policies. Its entire manufacturing process generates less waste than its retail packaging. New shoes are made frm green materials, such as recycled polyester." see Newsweek, September 28, page 37.

I love my Nikes.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Running

Met at the tennis court north of Stillwater for Saturday morning run.

Geese are flocking: sign of autumn.

Today on Gateway Trail in Washington County, Runner Dude on the horse trail, Sweet Pea on the running trail

Weather today was a glorious 70 at 11am, light breeze from the southeast at 8mph.
Bicycles abundant.....

Don't know what species this little one is... moving fast across the trail.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to Gateway

We haven't driven over to Gateway Trail since April because it isn't worth it for a short run. I keep gently pushing my injured knee. Today we mostly walked, but sometimes ran, 5 miles on Gateway. We saw dozens and dozens of people on different kinds of bikes, roller bladers, three dogs, two women on horses, one dead mouse, a dozen small turtles swimming, a few small children, a big screaming pileated woodpecker, and a parking lot full of vehicles between miles 8 and 9.

And in the evening we had pot roast with sweet potatoes for Sunday dinner.
Flowers planted in Trader Joe's parking lot.

Thanksgiving dinner anyone? This past week was the first time we ever saw wild turkeys in our own backyard.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

27th Year for 2 Labor Day Weekend Races

Foggy sunrise over the hills of western Wisconsin.
On Saturday, in Eau Claire, the Buckshot Races for Special Olympics.
10 years ago, Sweet Pea and I ran our first road race here, invited by my Sister-in-law and Brother.
Lots of kids and dogs and runners of all ages. . .
600 runners in the 5 mile race and about 780 in the 2 mile.

Races are on wide trails and roads in the woods of Carson Park in Eau Claire.
Ooops.. did they borrow that Babe the Blue Ox from neighboring Minnesota? Sweet Pea is running right by.

10 years ago, when we had run our first race, we said, when's the next race? Jessica agreed to meet us two days later, on Labor Day, for the Victory Race in the Webber-Camden neighborhood on the north side of Minneapolis.

Victory, a flat pleasant race, is a great chance for an end of summer catch up with many local runner friends.
Below.. a sample of the flowers in little city yards.. and runners gathering and warming up. Races are 10K and 5K.
Weather, was delightful, as usual, for both the Saturday and the Monday races. And both were celebrating the 27th annual running of their races.

Yes, I'm running some, plus doing all the cross-training and remedies noted in the posts of the past 4 months.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Construction

Panorama of the season in Minnesota. (taken last week)
September Morn ... September is my favorite month ... At least in September, it is.
Walked a brisk 4K with Sweet Pea this morning. We did the new leg exercises on the big balls.
And oh joy of joys, the therapist I have been seeing reacted to the new referral with, I can do that for you. This morning she read the doctor's notes. She did some diagnostics and determined that something in the right side of my pelvis does not move properly and had me do some pelvic movements that may help. It is really hard to explain.. but she said my muscles would do the work.. and that is how she proceeded. (Manual therapy) When I walk it does feel a little different. I am thinking that if it doesn't help my knee much, it still may help my running. I am hopeful.
When I said I was running short races both Saturday and Monday, she wanted to see me again just before that.

Will that help the pain and swelliing go down on the knee? I guess time will tell!