Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Run A Palooza - New Jersey Shores

See that flag at the top!? Wind was gusting to over 30mph on Saturday, April 16 when Sweet Pea and I ran/walked the half marathon.
The races were a benefit for the local Special Olympics.

Sweet Pea ran races in our local Special Olympics when she was in high school. Now she ran in a benefit for Special Olympics.

The sun made this much of an appearance before the race, and then hid behind heavy cloud cover. Pictures turned out sort of gray, but oh it was glorious running in the wind on the board walk along the beach.

Runners took shelter indoors until just before the race.

Sweet Pea espcially enjoys seeing dogs... and kids... out during races.

The board walk was in excellent repair the whole 13.1 miles. A couple of places folks showed up with brooms to sweep drifted sand off the walk.

Running in the wind, along the Atlantic, was a delight to treasure.

Verification of the weather!

We drove all the way to Jersey Shores and got this great technical shirt.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter at House of Hope

Sanctuary was full, even at the 11:00 worship.

House of Hope

Music was Easter and glorious.
Sweet Pea wanted to sing even more Easter hymns that she knows.
Choirs and their several anthems were excellent.

One of the best parts:
At the conclusion of the service, the congregation response of all singing the complete "Hallelujah Chorus" (printed in the bulletin with all parts) was amazing.

The organist offered a magnificent postlude (Toccata from Symphony No. 5), for which most stayed in their seats, turning to face the organ in the balcony. At the conclusion, the congregation burst into applause.

The lectern microphone, used by worship leaders and readers, worked well.
Unfortunately there was just a little bit of something wrong with the pulpit mike (strangely common in churches I've known!)
Word recognition during the sermon was difficult for all but those of keenest hearing.
Carillon Postlude of familiar Easter hymns rang throughout the church and atrium and the neighborhood during coffee time.

Easter afternoon: Our first sighting of an egret in the park.

Yes, of course I always miss preaching.