Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6 hours at the Mall of America

Toddler Tuesday at the Mall, East Rotunda

Also a celebration of the Chinese New Year for the toddlers

On our feet for a full 6 hours, walking briskly for more than 5 hours.
We did walk with our lattes for a time; Sweet Pea spent part of her Christmas gift card on a Weight Watchers book; a quick check of sale racks at a couple of stores yielded a $15 jacket for me; she picked out dark chocolate dipped marshmallow for each of us at Rocky Mountain Chocolate; we each wolfed down a small taco for lunch.
Yup! We had a good time. Way back on the day the Mall of America opened we three walked the whole thing, and I still think it is an interesting place.

I figure we walked more than 16 miles today at the Mall of America.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

See Him Run!

I cook all that good food on his blog.... Because I love him ... and ... You should see him run.
That's him on the right. (Picture snipped out of a movie.) Maybe you saw "Grey's Anatomy" last Thursday. The partner said.. "Because I love him" and "You should hear him sing!" If you didn't see it, that's OK too. The scene was a love story.


Inflammation of the iris:
Woke up with incredible eye pain.. like my eyeball might burst.
It was about a week and a half ago. With a hastily made appointment, the ophthalmologist, was looking into my eye before 10am. He administered the first drop of prednisone, and with 2 more doses at home, I could look out of the corner of my eye without undue pain by noon.

Left untreated, which is difficult to imagine considering the extreme pain, iritis could lead to blindness. It looked a lot like conjunctivitis, but it wasn't. For eye pain: definitely see a doctor.

Because there may have been immune system involvement, we also made a visit to our naturopathic doctor (ND) for supplement advice.

A week later the doctor reported no evidence of the inflammation in my iris.
Now down to one drop a day for the rest of this week, I feel very lucky and blessed.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Me

Some of my birthday flowers from my Honey.

(and oh look, I can make fruit bowls too!)

Our resident Cat, hunting squirrels from the cozy comfort of a chair.

Always interesting to walk at the "bubble" (St. Croix Valley Recreation Center). Last week there were some moms with baby carriers, strollers. Often there are a few guys practicing fly fishing out in the middle area. One day a man was training a German shepherd. It is inspiring to see the people with recent joint replacement doing their therapy.
And always, there are a few real runners.... running!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Scupture by the Wind

Running indoors.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter in Minnesota

Twice in blue moon at the end of December:

Oh yes, we have snow in Minnesota. And it is cold, too.

We are running indoors: in the bubble, or at the community center, or anywhere else indoors. It's a good thing.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 01-01-10 or maybe 10-01-01

Home-made New Year ball at the party we attended:

Have enjoyed reading the plans some runners have for 2010. We have a couple of marathons in mind... and a half marathon or two, but not much for firm plans yet.

I'm not really a traditional person, but decades in the same house has yielded something of a traditional environment. In 2010 I would like to be selective about what to save, and take pictures of some stuff before donating to Good Will. We will see how that goes.

Thai food, which I know nothing about, is of interest to me.

My knee pain still hangs around, and I have resolve to work out and run through it.

I am hopeful that some of the effects of 8 Bush years will be resolved and that Obama will, less and less, be blamed for what lingers.... I am hopeful...

Maybe I can get new hearing aids. Progressive loss of hearing began before my mid-thirties, and I wonder what the future holds.

Wishing You, Dear Reader, blessings in 2010. May You run with joy.