Sunday, August 30, 2009

5K, Painful Knee, Pretty Flowers

Thursday evening Sweet Pea and I did the Fun in the Forest 5K in Forest Lake. (Race details on Don's Make It a Masterpiece blog.)

I wore my new NIKE stability shoes. The first couple of times I wore them last week, my knees ached in the night. Hmmmm.

This past week I went to a FOURTH (!) medical specialist: a sports doctor at a University of Minnesota clinic. He affirmed all the past diagnoses. Said they could all be caused by my pelvis being twisted when I fell last April, and referred me to a manual therapist. Late September is the earliest appointment available.

Now this knee thing is getting ridiculous. I'd like to scrap the whole matter and just go running, but my right calf is swollen, right thigh is swollen, knee is painfully swollen all the time (sometimes very stiff), and I am concerned about doing further damage. Yes, I stretch, do exercises, massage, rest, get good sleep, take a pile of supplements, and try to get advice from anyone who will listen.

This week: back to the internist, another visit with our naturopathic doctor, a race, and continuing everything in the previous paragraph.

Below: cheerful portion of tonight's post!
Myeloma conference Friday and Saturday in Minneapolis was fabulous. Check out Don's blog:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Dream Lives On

. . . . with justice for all.

The hope that cannot die.

"Could the world be about to turn?"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Running with Camera

Observing rowing races to adds variety to our 4K on Friday.
(Northwestern International Rowing Association Championship Regatta)

And yes, I always have my camera in my pocket when I run. A camera in one pocket and a cell phone in the other doesn't make for a particularly slim silhouette, but that's worth the trade-offs to me.

The pain in the quad bothers me most this week. Every other time I go out it isn't so bad.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Running Again

Does my knee still hurt? Yes
Is my knee still swollen? Yes
Is my knee stiff and tight? Yes

The swelling and pain is certainly down from May, June, July, so I am running anyway.

PICTURES: Encountered on our 5K today

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Continuing Saga of the Smashed Knee

Yesterday: an appointment with one of Minnesota's best orthopaedic sports doctors in Bloomington ... and a referral for several appointments with my physical therapist.
The new, and third, professional diagnosis: patello femoral syndrome (like runner's knee.. but resulting from an injury.)

How did I happen to go all the way to Bloomington? Well, I've had it with this knee injury, and last Sunday at a race, I asked friends for recommendations.

At the recommendation of the sports doctor, my therapist set me up with knee and leg strengthening exercises.

I've started working on them.
The swelling in my knee seemed to be down some the last couple of days, but the exercises have stirred up some swelling again.
But I will persevere! Watch me!

Also, I'll run and look a lot more like a real runner when I lose 20 pounds.
Weight Watchers tomorrow night!

Our young pre-school guest delighted in the variety of chickens at the Washington County Fair.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Walking . . . . .

Plenty of time to take pictures of the flowers while walking in the neighborhood.

Our past week has been energized with trips to the model train museum in Bandana Square, playgrounds at Teddy Bear Park and Pioneer Park in Stillwater, a pontoon boat ride and even riding the Ferris wheel at the Washington County Fair. Oh the delight of entertaining a child!

But back to the pesky knee: no healing progress? For all my consulting, I haven't been to a real sports doctor, and will do that as soon as I can get in after the weekend. My most urgent question is will I do further damage by running?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Days

Tiny toad lives in the spout of the plastic water can that we use to water the pots of herbs on our deck.

An out-of-town high school reunion and a visit from out-of-town family have filled our hours and days.

And my smashed knee has had substantial "rest" ... at least from running.
The inflammation, swelling and pain persists. The joint is quite stiff.

In a few days I will probably resume walking ... perhaps a little cautious running. We will see what another week brings.