Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January Review

Today we ran on the indoor track... again! Each of us put in 3 hours .. our long run in training for Don to do a marathon and Sweet Pea and me to do a half.
Mostly the weather has been pretty crappy... below zero for days at a time.. and whenever it warmed up just a little we were blessed with another dump of snow and ice.
But on just a couple of mornings we had frosty trees (see below) that sparkled in the sun.

ShirleyPerly came here from Florida to run the Zoom Ya Ya Marathon on the indoor track at St. Olaf in Northfield. She is one energized, cheerful fabulous athlete. Watching her run.. enjoying her cheering us back... was an inspiring highlight.

Don was one of only 3 recognized for running all 13 Grand Prix races. The day before the final one, we drove all the way back from the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon the day before.

Below are the 5K runners, bundled up in sub-zero temps to run the St. Paul Winter Carnival race. (It is harder to run when you are dressed in all the thermal stuff you own.) The half marathon was cut in half, due to the temps.
That's us, all 3 of us ... behind this camera, up in the warm sky-way. Ha.

We thought the cup for registered runners was especially fitting this year. Yes, we did register, just in case it was warm enough to run, and in order to get our cups.

Oh yes, and my 70th birthday was this month. Don, the Sweetie, arranged for a lot of friends to send e-mail greetings. It feels pretty good to be alive. It feels pretty good that Don is still alive! My Dad had died of leukemia when my Mom turned 70. Those were difficult times for her.
I still get age group awards in marathons and have pretty good health. I am blessed and I cherish life.

And yes, and January 20, 2009:

(We survived... barely... the Bush)


Saturday, January 17, 2009

MDRA Annual Meeting

A good day!
MDRA (MN running club) annual meeting today.
Don was one of only 3 men who had run all 13 races of a Grand Prix series last year.. and was awarded a nice MDRA red jacket.

I won, in the door prize drawing, entry fee for Fargo Marathon. I told them we were doing the 50 states.. and had already done that one. So they offered me entry fee for the Victory Race on Labor Day. Good.

Then Don won, in the door prize drawing, entry fee for Grandma's Marathon. As he was coming up to get the certificate... They jokingly asked Don if he had already done MN. He said, Yes, and he was going to run Grandma's !!!!

There weren't a lot of prizes.. we did well. A good day.

This isn't much of a picture.. but there's our guy: A Winner! Should have taken one when he tried on the new red prize jacket.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shirley at Zoom Ya Ya Marathon

Shirleyperly (see sidebar) flew up from Florida to run the Zoom Ya Ya Marathon at the indoor track at St. Olaf in Northfield. Minnesota is her 41st state.

Shirley was great to watch, smiling, waving. Running negative splits she finished looking strong and speedy.
Snowy Minnesota countryside view from the indoor track.
Marathon was run on the upper track. Some of the time,on the track below, we ran.. and then walked, while shouting cheers to the runners above. Across the space, in front of the windows, you can see the time-keepers... a lap counter from the women's track department for each runner.
Here we are with Shirley, Zoom Ya Ya Marthon finisher!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Races and a Christmas Dinner Tribute

Certified races finished by Sweet Pea and Sunshine in 2008:

200 meter... 3 races
400 meter... 1 race
1 mile... 2 races
5K... 6 races
8K... 1 race
10K... 3 races
10 mile... 2 races
Half marathon... 3 races
Marathon... 2 races

Total: 23 certified races ... plus other uncertified races

One age group award in a marathon
I have now advanced to the highest age group, but I'm not dead yet!


In celebration of a Christmas dinner....
... That's a gluten-free meringue pie crust... (like my mom used to make.)

Imagine a Christmas dinner... organic food, seasoned and cooked to perfection...
Grilled chicken breast, whole carrots, cauliflower, fruit salad... and the dessert pictured above.

Certainly a healthy feast for everyone at the table...
Considering recent evidence that pesticides do cause cancer...

A magnificent gift to us... and I didn't have to cook it!

Thank you Dear Ones!!