Monday, May 23, 2011

Rhode Island Races Finishers' Medals

Classy medals, complete with printed satin ribbon

They are mailing out the 3-deep age group awards.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cox Rhodes Marathon/Half Marathon

Sunday, May 1, 2011, Providence, Rhode Island

That little box at the top of the windshield is a Easy Pass/ I-Pass transponder. It reads the tolls as you roll on through on the toll roads and charges you less than if you paid cash. It worked through every state.. to New Jersey a few weeks ago .... and to Rhode Island this week. It is truly a stress reliever.

We drove the race courses the day before the races. The half marathon led us north through old neighborhoods, along a pleasant boulevard, up and down many hills and back along the Seekonk River.

Race day dawned with a clear and cloudless sky.

We smeared on layers of Vanicream SPF 35 sport sunsreen from the Mayo Pharmacy (zinc oxide and octinoxate), hoping that is still the recommended skin protection.

Runners gathered in sight of the capitol building. At 10 minutes before the start, the National Anthem was sung, exactly as written.

A great day for the race

Spring was everywhere: daffodils, tulips, flowering trees.

A million cheers for the great volunteers.

A one-way street led down to the river.
Only on Gano coming back was traffic control NOT controlled, and vehicles sped by within a couple of feet of runners.

Marathon and half marathon runners came in on the same route, past a great number of encouraging signs, especially for Team in Training.
We especially cheer Team in Training runners, running in support of blood cancer research, including myeloma.

The marathon race course was laid out to the south along the harbor, much of it on a bike trail with delightful views.

The last mile leading to the finish, with trees bursting in flowers

Pizza at the finish, and for the marathoners, some pizza even before the finish.
Water and bananas, too, of course

Don was video taped running the marathon. Part of that video was shown this week at the myeloma conference in Paris. See his blog for details:

Sweet Pea and Sunshine: running partners and finishers, with one more half marathon first in age group award for Sunshine.