Monday, November 29, 2010

Route 66 Marathon/Half - Tulsa

November 20, 2010

My favorite shirt at the expo in Tulsa, where Sweet Pea and I ran the half marathon

Kids were making spectator signs at the expo.

Race course along the Arkansas River was a delight.

Running through neighborhoods, enjoying the fall color of maples and oaks. . .

I always like to see the big downtown churches in the city.

Early morning drive to the start, flags gave witness to the prevailing Tulsa wind.

We ran over the Arkansas River on one bridge and back on another.

"Up with trees" signs decorate Tulsa... along with planted trees.

Maple trees were glorious last week in Tulsa.

Multiple explosions of multi-colored confetti sent each coral of runners off on the races.

At the finish area, children everywhere. . . these events are a family affair.

Children cheering before they can walk

Food at the Finisher's Food tent was better before they ran out of the good chicken and vegetables and were left with plain white rice.

These great signs liberally marked out the race courses, guiding our pre-race day drive and the actual running of the races on race day.

The many delightful parks of Tulsa certainly changed my image of that city.

Don enjoyed running part way with a Team in Training runner. He is a multiple myeloma survivor and always greets Team in Training people with, "Thanks for helping to save my life."

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Route 66 Marathon/Half

What a treat to be running in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just two days ago, while snow was happening at home!
The delightful course takes a tour of a part of downtown, past churches, meanders through several neighborhoods, crosses the Arkansas River twice. Tulsa is decorated with many parks, and last weekend the maples and oaks were in spectacular fall color.

Both marathon and half marathon courses finish with a pleasant stretch along the Arkansas River.

Volunteers were great as usual, race arrangements and plans were well thought out and executed.
More PICTURES soon.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Before the snow came, we had 5 glorious 50 degree days of training in the park.

Isn't the snow lovely though!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

NYC Marathon

Remembering our running of the New York City Marathon