Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sand Hill Cranes on Gateway

While doing 14 miles on Gateway Trail yesterday, I glanced through the trees to a distant marsh area and caught sight of a pair of SAND HILL CRANES ... huge magnificent birds.
Not a great shot here; that's a tree branch at the bottom edge of the picture.
Never had I seen these larger-than-great herons before.

Many bicycles, horses, roller bladers, dogs on leashes ... and runners...
Even on a Monday .... We are on the edge of spring.

A young five-year-old bicycle girl...
The mile markers on Gateway helped us keep track of our 14 miles yesterday.

Stillwater Bridge is closed today due to flood waters reaching the bridge deck.
Here, on Sunday afternoon, traffic was still using the bridge.

Historic health care bill is signed: a century of journey toward this milestone ....
with hope for further humanitarian progress for the United States.
May those who have health care rejoice in sharing with those who do not.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Week

Oh Joy! Rejoice! A week of spring: 60 degree highs
Melodies of Easter hymns play in my head.
I remember playing tennis with my sister, many years ago in northern Iowa, in shorts and a sleeveless shirt, in March.

We ran in the park every day this week. By today the snow was pretty much gone.

Today we saw a magnificent hawk... a little too tame... maybe injured?

Just a week ago, with the yard still deep in snow, Sweet Pea spotted these deer just going by.

A week ago Gateway Trail was clear, but with snow banks.

These mallards know what season it is. When first I saw them they were sitting in a puddle in this parking lot, about to set up housekeeping.

More cold weather is on the way. Winter is not over.
But we had this week of spring.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dr. Krissy ND

Naturopathic doctor: graduate of medical school, passed state medical boards
We celebrate Dr. Krissy.

Fog all day, every day, all week. Finally today, the air has a springtime feel. We have been doing a combination of indoor and outdoor runs.
Now the outdoors is calling us.

Last week the barn owl outside our kitchen window

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Downtown Saloon Fort Lauderdale

A1A Marathon/Half: 5th post about the race and our trip
You can keep scrolling down for more!

Marathon weekend, on Friday evening we met at the Downtowner Saloon, on a canal across from City Walk in Fort Lauderdale. (Smoke-free, except on the patio)

Fantastic thing: while we were there we saw the televised men's curling team WINNING a game. Curling has become one of my favorite spectator sports of the Olympics.

Restaurant food selection is tricky if you don't want to eat gluten. Yesterday I heard that Canada's favorite pass-time is hockey; for the US, the favorite pass-time is deep fried.

From southern California to New York, "deep fried" appetizers are on menus of "good" restaurants. Sometimes those are the only choices.
Downtowner's menu looked pretty reasonable.

Anyway, here is what they had, and behold, appetizers that looked interesting and NOT deep-fried. (You can click to enlarge.)

Sweet Don and our super waitress came up with three appetizers we could share. One was tomato mozzarella stack: fresh tomato and buffalo mozzarella slices with a balsamic drizzle and topped with a sprig of basil.

He served me the top slices of the stack.
The other appetizers were seared tuna (5 pieces to share) and potato skins (one for each of us). Amazingly, the potato skins were not greasy.
All three items were delicious.

Here we all are, through the glass, to protect the innocent!

We are back to running now, the next big race in mind.
Yesterday we ran in the park. The temp was above freezing, but where we were the wind was pretty sharp.
This warmer week is most welcome, but there will be more indoor runs this month.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lady Chateau in Fort Lauderdale

"Come down to Fort Lauderdale and run the A1A Marathon/Half Marathon," he said to the St. Croix Valley Runners.
Those of us who flew down also enjoyed a ride on the Lady Chateau.


The incredible boat ride on intercoastal waterways

Maybe more boats than I have seen in one day

And countless mansions of the rich and famous

All kinds of boats, sailboats and huge luxury liners

Some friends gathered for a party (They know each other now?!)

An outdoor wedding

A Turkish Festival, along the City Walk, uniquely viewed from the canal

Ah, a delightful afternoon it was, and thanks to Sweet Pea for this nice shot

An unforgettable pre-race spaghetti and grilled chicken dinner for the runners

Amazing custom menu for some of us: Gluten-free pasta and chicken without breading

There are still great pictures to post, so don't miss the future installments of our 3 days in Fort Lauderdale.