Monday, September 24, 2012

Sioux Falls Half Marathon - Sunday, September 9

Fun for me to be back in Sioux Falls, where I graduated from Augustana College. I missed my 50-year reunion because we were running races in Hartford, Connecticut, a year ago.
Sweet Don, who ran the marathon on Sunday in Sioux Falls, was dear about driving all over Sioux Falls for me to see the town again.
Augustana College campus is as beautiful as ever, with many new buildings surrounded by trees.

A 1880 poem, in delight of the falls of Sioux Falls:
Barrel man advises slowing down.
Both marathon and half began at Howard Wood Field. The marathon race, added just 3 years ago, explores the northwest sections of the city, where Career Avenue is home to technical colleges. Then the runners join the half in the downtown area.
THE FALLS, cascading over the rocks in Falls Park, is a highlight of both races. Runners have this view as they cross a bridge just below the falls.
Runners registered in the parking lot of the huge Scheels sporting goods store.
Half marathon runners, also starting at Howard Wood field (below), ran past Terrace Park on the way to downtown.
... And through an original neighborhood of gracious old homes.
A plaque marks the activities of the Dillinger gang.
Sioux Falls is a growing and prosperous city, offering many cultural and educational opportunities. Below: Outstanding sculptures line Main Street.
Greenway Park, along the Big Sioux River, provides welcome shady final miles of both races.
Here's Runner Don finishing with his best time all year. Sweet Pea and I ran our best time all year, too.
I was first in age group again, which was a given since I was the only woman over 70 running the half.
Don was interviewed by the Argus Leader newspaper and a local television station.
Happy finishers!