Thursday, August 30, 2012

Timmy's Challenge West Virginia

Marathon/Half Marathon Races, August 26, West Virginia

Everything about the trip and the race exceeded expectations.

Our rental car was just a little larger than our own.
Weather was super for driving, cloudy when heading into the sun, no rain.
Motel rooms had great kitchens.

Race day was cloudy for the first part of the race and not as hot as predicted even at the end.
Trail was shady most of the way.
Volunteers were great and served well without spectator support.
Hills were so gradual that they were hardly noticed.

Post-race food was beyond imagination.... like the best of church pot-lucks.
(Mad Marathon in Vermont, with only bananas... and food for sale ... take note.)

Race shirts were all cotton, a luxury now with technical shirts being less expensive.
Design was delightful and wearable.

Runner Don ran his best time in a dozen marathons (over a year). Yea!
Marathon finisher's medals were nice.

Although I thought the heat would slow us down, we half marathon runners were pleased with our time.
No finisher's medals for the half really smarted, but We Two each got an age group award anyway.
Here's me with "first in age group award", and Sweet Pea placed in her age group.

Thanks to Runner Don for good drive to Indianapolis after the race.
Shopped at Trader Joes for all the goodies we needed for a post-race party (chicken thighs, apples, berries for breakfast etc.)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Portland Prairie Methodist Episcopal Church

Once a year, a worship service is celebrated in this historic church in the southeastern corner of Minnesota.
(Click to enlarge.)

Caring folks in the area keep the beautiful building, cemetery and grounds in good repair.
On the last Sunday in July this year, the day began with misty rain, developing later in the morning into pouring rain. The potluck dinner, enjoyed by all in the sanctuary, was a cozier affair than the usual picnic in the yard.

Preceding the worship, the congregation participated in a hymn sing of old favorite hymns suggested by some of those gathered.

Altar flowers gathered along the prairie roadside

Our family members attending, the oldest 99 years old

In a previous year, Helen was there too.

Here's the whole delegation on that sunny day a few years ago.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Half Marathon (13.1 miles) on Gateway

Sunday, August 5, Sweet Pea and I finished a half marathon on Gateway, training for our next race.

The trail was marvelously well-utilized with bicycles, strollers, roller-bladers and runners.

Highlight: meeting Amazing Nephew Luke, training for his next marathon!

Flowers along the fence on the approach to the new reclaimed bridge over Manning Avenue

Early August, as I remember my teenage years detasseling seed corn for DeKalb, seems to me like mid-summer, but falling leaves are already collecting along the path.

Wild morning glories cheer the way.

Sumac is doing what it does before all the leaves burst into burgundy and magenta.

Bluebird houses are plentiful, as is the allergy-provoking golden rod.

Well, stay tuned for the pictures from our trip to the historical Portland Prairie Episcopal Church.