Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fortitude for First Descents Marathon / Half

Lewes, Delaware: State Park on the Atlantic Coast

Course was well marked .. including this "don't go this way".

With 4 loops for the marathon and 2 loops for the half, we saw Don 3 times.

Bring your children to the races!
And my apology to this lovely family for poor focus of my camera... which will be replaced as soon as I can figure out what to get.

One of the first descendants
"Cancer," I said. "Leukemia," he replied softly.
"My dad died of leukemia too," I said, and he hesitated for only an instant, and then hugged me.
The race started then and I cried for the first half mile.

All sorts of traces of World War II defenses in this state park on the Atlantic Coast.

The sky was clear and blue for the first couple of hours, temperatures in the low
40's, but NO precipitation.
When we registered for this race back in September, I feared a sleet storm in mid-December.

We saw a marathoner slip and fall on the pine needles. Most of the way they were not a hazard.

Turn around at the fishing dock on Delaware Bay.

Footprints in the sand, not much of a problem on the trails.

Bless their hearts, the water stop/aid station volunteers.

Clouds gathered and by the end of the race the sky was totally overcast.

50 states myeloma marathoner Don, after the finish. See
Be sure to see his video on CNN's blog.

Hot soup for runners who finished in less than five hours at this six hour marathon.
Later finishers probably needed it even more, the temperature still being in the low 40's.

We brought some LED Christmas lights for our motel room. (Light in the window is a reflection from a lamp in the room.)

Our marathoner didn't finish in time for the hot soup, but Sweet Pea and I served up chicken breast, baked squash, nachos, popcorn and ice cream back in the room.

Sweet Pea made lattes with organic milk (no steamer, but heated on the stove) and organic French roast filtered coffee.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seattle Marathon - Half Marathon

Myeloma Marathon Runner Don had a great race, although we did have to thaw him out afterward.

Sweet Pea and I had a lovely time, in spite of light rain, until about mile 10 when the rain and the wind really got going.
The last half marathon she and I ran was Hartford in mid-October. Unfortunately we didn't run anywhere near enough stairs to train for Seattle hills.
Muscles across my rib cage on my back are nearly killing me now, and I do need to figure out some "training" for that pain.
Wondering where all the old women of Seattle are: I finished first out of ONE in my age group.

Have always loved Seattle and still do.
Besides the race, we have walked down at the piers, seen a Washington State Ferry come in, seen the Christmas lights and greens at Pioneer Square, and had a clear view of Mount Rainier.

Friday, November 18, 2011

3 Marathons in 3 Weeks

Amazing Myeloma Marathon Sweetie of mine!
Hartford, Marine Corps and New York City Marathon: he ran them all in 3 weeks.

Sweet Pie and I ran the Hartford half and cheered at the Marine Corps and New York City Marathons.

Love to run love to run love to run! It all began after each of us reached Weight Watchers goal weight.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two Half Marathons

Portland Maine and Hartford Connecticut, two weeks apart, and we had two memorable car trips through autumn color to get to them.
I celebrate the volunteers, the organization, the interesting race courses, the patient police, the race directors, the folks in the cities that tolerated road races on their streets.
And I sure do recommend both races.

Oh so much depends on the weather for marathon and half marathon races.
In Portland the rain came sweeping at us with 15-18 mph winds.
Below: at the Portland start line, umbrellas and rain gear

Rain came the day before the race in Hartford.
Wading in deep mud just before the start

But in Hartford the temperature was in the 50s... with NO rain on race day, and Sweet Pea and I finished the Hartford Half in HALF an hour less time than we had run just two weeks before in Portland.

I love races and I wouldn't trade the experience of participating in both of these.

Here he is at about mile 26 of the Hartford Marathon, as always, happy to be running.
Yea Don! Looking good. That's my guy.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I Love Trader Joe's

This afternoon at about 5pm we stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up a few things.
So on Friday afternoon, most of the carts were in use, the store was busy.
But all the check-out lines were operating, and we did NOT have to stand in line to pay. And the clerks were as cheerful and friendly and quick as usual.
I am amazed that many grocery stores make you stand in line for them to take your money. Today I did not have to wait in line, because I was at Trader Joe's.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tale of Two Half Marathons

Portland Maine October 2
Hartford Connecticut October 15

Sweet Pea and I crossed the finish line in both.
I'm still thinking about what to write.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stacy Died

Myeloma sucked the life and the light out of a shining star.
Stacy, a young mother fought with every ounce of her being to keep the myeloma from taking her, hoping to be there for her two little girls.
And she won the fight for many months.... I think about 4 years.

I don't want to read any glorious stories of people whose lives were miraculously changed for the better by their cancer diagnosis. Not today. Stacy died.

Please see Don's Myeloma Hope blog.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Myeloma Race for Research

Keeping up the hope: every event to promote research for beating multiple myeloma.
This annual event, a 5K race/walk around Lake Phalen in St. Paul, is a family affair, with children and dogs, a live band, a speaker from Mayo Clinic.

Sweet Pea especially enjoys the dogs.

And the dogs.....

The live band.....

Down the hill, that's Don in the navy blue "survivor's shirt". There were some teams for particular myeloma survivors, wearing matching custom T-shirts.

Sunday was delightfully chilly ... for running, bright and sunny ... for pictures, until after the event was over.

Family and friends of one of the myeloma supporters.

This myeloma survivor, navy shirt, came from California. Surrounded by family and friends, she is loved!

Medals for first in age group for these two seventy-somethings.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Presque Island Half Marathon

Mighty cottonwoods are unexpected on "almost an island" formed of wind blown and wave washed sand. Miraculously, not a gated community or populated by resorts, this peaceful piece of nature is totally a Pennsylvania State Park.

Pre-race in the dark: every port-a-potty was lighted inside.

Sweet Pea and I followed a service dog and owner all the way.

Click on this one and check out all the water birds on the breakwater.

Cottonwoods, a few maples, some variety of oaks we don't see at home, and a wisp of a moon in the early part of the race.

The state park is popular, and there was a certain amount of traffic for slower marathoners. Doing only the half, we were not bothered so much.

The substantial wind was energizing for me. That is the city of Eire, across the water.

Waterstops were EVERY MILE on this race.

"Did you just take a picture of that waterfountain??!!" chided a marathoner going by. Sure, I said, we are only doing the half; I'm taking pictures of everything. I thought it was notable that water is available way out at the end of the road.

It is always fun to see the scouts at a waterstop.

We finished! Lovely weather, fun and nearly flat course, delightful day: We recommend it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Presque Isle Full / Half Marathons

Caring for the environment goes on!

One of the special sections of the island:

Walking on the beach, Lake Erie side, the day before the races.

A great day for races!

For a super report of the marathon, see

Sweet Pea and I did the half marathon, with a better-than-usual time.
More about that later.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mushroom ??

This is growing on the end of a log in our woods.