Sunday, January 21, 2007

January Frigid 5 Race

Running, Blessings

Hello World
A fairyland snow day! A day for a race around the MN State Fairgrounds!

What the crowd of participants lacked in numbers, we made up for in warm camaraderie.
Greeted other runners, congratulated Grand Prix age group winners.
A friend in my age group expressed awe for We Two finishing the Zoom! Yah! Yah! Marathon on the indoor track at St. Olaf College last Sunday. How dear of her!!

Running in the snow reminded me of running on the beach: twice the energy to propel a step forward.
We two wore our new merino wool REI hiking socks. .. Good for cold weather and hot (thanks, Dan, for the good advice.. .after I had blisters in the Portland Marathon.)

We two found a new running friend. Kathleen cheerfully paced with us the whole 2 laps (5K), and promised to look for us at other 5K races.

10am is a nice time for a January race. The outdoor temp was 21. Only slight wind. Fabulous falling snow. Thought of young Grandson, having a wondrous snow day in Oregon last week.

Came home to find, from Son, an e-mail report of first grad school class.
Ate oatmeal before we went.
As we had conversation afterward, as I was cooking eggs, I was stuck by how precious the sound of a human voice is... not just cancer guy’s... but mine too.
I won’t wait for someone to say it after I die.
Life is precious... but the one.. anyone.... living... is precious. Life is good, says Runner Guy, with pleasure in his smile.
I celebrate this best day of the year:.. the one we have.

A delightful running morning. Good to cheer Runner Guy. And fun ride home afterward.. Runner Guy likes driving in the snow.
We got a generous 5 Weight Watcher’s points.. Which we have already begun to devour.
Here comes Beep with my latte!!!

Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year 2007

"Best Day of the Year" ! Emerson said it: "Write on your heart that every day is the best day of the year."

New Year’s Day... 2007... cool, crisp and bright & sunny... a good new beginning.

Total miles Monday to Monday: 33.6 miles

An armless worm with a knitting "how to" book Caption..."Clarence was hopeful" .
("Rhymes with Orange" by Hilary Price)
I am a hopeful person.. Sometimes without quite enough ....?

New Year’s resolutions
What I hope to do? To learn? To accomplish? To change? To be? To appreciate?

I like to cheer anyone in being who they can be.. Doing what they can. So Happy New Year! The best day of the year. May the Spirit be with you.

Someone suggested it is good to begin with "What God has done" I think that to get stuck on what God has done.."for me". is to miss the point... To privatize God as only "for me".. Oh my??!! That has a religious right color to it.
Perhaps to broaden perspective... To focus on...
.. family ...friends.. community.. beyond.... And don’t forget the children everywhere.

Bumper sticker I saw just last week:


Many prayers and wishes for My Love, for Susan, and all those who have myeloma.