Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bruce Mines, Ontario

On the north shore of Lake Ontario, in the small town of Bruce Mines, a young woman taught school in the early twentieth century.  She was the grandmother of Don the myeloma runner.

We wondered if this store building, with its stone walls, could have existed when the young woman taught in Bruce Mines.

This week  we stopped briefly in Bruce Mines on our return trip from the Mad Marathon in Sugar Bush of Vermont.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mad Half Marathon - Waitsfield VT

Pictures taken on the run!

Another age group award

Monday, July 2, 2012

Anchorage - Part 5 A little sight-seeing

Note:  ALL pictures on this entire blog were posted by Sweet Pea. (click to enlarge)

A drive down Seward Parkway to the Whittier Tunnel

Driving north to Denali (McKinley)

Wow!  Bike trails way out here.. and an impressive trail bridge

Anchorage Market & Festival, Saturdays and Sundays

Anchorage - Part 4 - a favorite thing

On our last afternoon in Anchorage, at the City Market, we discovered a bakery that makes gluten free bread on Tuesdays and Fridays.  We think it is House of Bread.  For the sake of those diagnosed with Celiac disease, people reactive to wheat, folks who simply feel better not eating gluten which may be causing inflammation in their digestive systems, we celebrate the offering of a choice.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Anchorage Part 3 - Favorite things

Parks:  Delany Park Strip,  a block wide and about 14 blocks long, just south of downtown, one block from our hotel, perfect place for a morning run, taped by a media person
Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park on Westchester Lagoon, with great playground pictured below

Magpies in the trees right outside our living room window, chirping with delight as they ate

Four hundred (400) miles of trails in Anchorage, some like the one below

Flowers in Anchorage

And birch trees

Lilac season, so we had it twice this year

More lilacs

And tulips

And more lilacs

When Momma Moose headed in our direction, we headed for the car!

Moose can read signs?

Lake Hood Seaplane Base, world's busiest and largest seaplane base

Daisies even in the ditches, always mingling in dandelions with the longest stems we've seen

Team in Training is a real presence in Anchorage.  A tourist brochure lists Team in Training with phone number on the events page.

Flower baskets hanging in the downtown streets

Among the 400 miles of trails, some are paved.

More flowers!

In Anchorage they call it midnight sun.  The sky is light and bright at 11:00 pm  (below)

One of our sons advised that we didn't need to bring food on our trips, "They have stores!!" he assured us.
And so they do, even in Anchorage, offering the organic choices we look for.
This one, of several,  had a couple of choices of deet-free mosquito repellent, worth applying in Alaska.

Even Fred Meyer had good buys on organic items.
Don't you just love seeing the mountains in every direction?

Although Sweet Pea makes our lattes in the hotel room, it was fun to see abundant cappuccino shacks, so rare on the freeways in Pennsylvania.  There are those snowy mountains again.

Pre-race salmon meal:  We always bring canned wild caught Alaska salmon for our pre-race dinner.
This time we bought it fresh, right there in Anchorage.  Was it ever ever tasty.

Post-race dinner was wild caught Alaska cod, and we could have chosen halibut too.