Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mississippi Blues Marathon / Half Marathon

Saturday, January 7; Sweet Pea and I earned finisher's medals.

Ten (10) porta potties at the start. Still long lines when the race began. There were ten more beyond the start, but we were unable to find them before the race.


Gated communities and boarded communities

Some marathons begin and end at the capitol building, but Mississippi's magnificent capitol was visible from the race course.. only in the far distance. (dome near the center of the picture)

Access roads, entrance ramps, exit ramps... who knows? Plenty of exhaust to inhale, and usually sharing the road with traffic

Typical residential communities? Abandoned buildings, burned out houses, boarded up homes.
Were the city leaders hoping for donations? Why did they not allow the race course to explore more parks, historic buildings, etc.?


Best marked course we have run: many good signs and a thousand orange cones!

Water stops were fabulous.

Orange shirts... volunteers! ... were everywhere. There was never a question of which way to go at any corner.

Post race food was outstanding. The party was a PARTY!