Monday, March 11, 2013

Hyannis Marathon & Half - Part Five - THE RACES

RAIN ! So sad for the volunteers, sponsors,race director, runners
A major proportion of motorists seemed to hate runners, or at least having the races on their streets.
There was no restriction of traffic, and we observed deliberate dousing of runners.
At any rate, dodging puddles was challenging.

The Hyannis marathon is described on the web site as a winter marathon. We were fortunate to miss the worst winter weather, just a couple of weeks previous. Here, left-over snow along the street and twigs and branches broken in the wind.

The temperature was around 42 degrees at the start and fell to a steady 38 degrees with an equally steady RAIN.

Yes, RAIN!

Sign advises "No lifeguard on duty" and yes, there were great piles of snow.

In spite of the rain and the wind off the Atlantic, I did love running along beaches.

The hospitality both for the expo and for the post-race party at the Hyannis Convention Center was faultless and welcome!

At the finish we were soaked and glad to be done.

We had a great time and the splendid finisher's medal was a delight.

The sweet race director promised to mail my age group award, since it turned up missing at the award ceremony.

Be sure to read Don's account of the race, too.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hyannis Marathon & Half - Part Four

Provincetown: our last excursion before the races.
Provincetown: the site of the Pilgrims first anchoring before moving on to Plymouth Rock.
Provincetown: last town out on the end of Cape Cod.

Photo 1:  Pilgrim Monument, tallest granite structure in the US, constructed in 1907-1910.
Photo 2:  In the winter off season, many shops are closed, town is charming..
Photo 3:  Joe coffee shop, open, crowded, and best in town.
Photo 4:  Marvelous pastries displayed.... but yes, they did have coconut macaroons, gluten free and topped with dark chocolate. Oh! Yes!
Photo 5:  Sculpture in front of the public library, titled "Tourists"  !!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hyannis Marathon & Half - Part Three

We had a couple of days to register for the race, drive the race course, and explore Cape Cod a bit.
Drove south along the canal separating the Cape from the mainland. Then along the south shore and Woods Hole.
Below: a nest with video coverage, a railroad bridge, the Atlantic.
We came across a woman out for her run, a volunteer for the race, it turned out. Had a good chat.
The last two pictures are testimony to our great eating in, with fruit bowl breakfasts and chicken thighs for dinner.
The two photos just before the food (below) were taken at Sandy Neck on the north shore of the Cape.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hyannis Marathon / Half - Part Two

Highland Light (Cape Cod Light) on the far northeastern shore of Cape Cod

This gentle gentleman came out as we drove up. I'm taking some folks up; would you like to go?

We certainly wouldn't pass up that invitation.

It was a sweaty palms climb, unlike any I had ever made.

Nine inches of snow

The Minnesota section of the March Saturn Storm.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hyannis Marathon / Half - Part One

Many eagles could be seen along the Mississippi, south of St. Paul, from our Amtrak coach.

The shiny Amtrak cars, the roar of the electric engines that pulled the Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago, unloading at Union Station always delights.

We boarded the Lakeshore Limited, destination Boston. Snow had blown in, piled up between the cars on their trip across Ohio and Indiana, making our trek slippery as we made our way to the dining car.

This is a civilized way to travel, said Don, as we followed the Mohawk River across New York State to Albany. He had been behind the wheel of the car for all those trips to run New England marathons.

From my Boston hotel bed, I soaked in the early morning sun, which would be so absent for the next three days on Cape Cod.