Saturday, March 7, 2009

Green Pan

GREEN PAN at Target:

Thermolon non-stick
PFOA-free in manufacturing
High performance to 850 degrees
Dishwasher safe

This stuff is NOT Teflon.. does not give off chemicals that can kill
your canary.

Sweet Runner Dude said, I think you need to get the whole set.
(6 pieces, including lids)
Eggs and oatmeal will come out of the pans ... clean... with no waste.. and no unhealthy air over the pan.

And I am free... from scrubbing the egg pan every morning.
(We gave up Teflon a couple of years ago.)

Wednesday was the ultimate best day of the year.. but this day is pretty swell.


Backofpack said...

How can a green pan be blue? I think I am jealous - I might have to go check those out. The non-stick, yet dishwasher safe is appealing (of course the safety issue is most appealing). Nice! Happy Best Day to you!

Beth said...

They look very nice! You will have to give us a review after you use them a little bit. I could use some new non-stick pans.

Sunshine said...

The color is somewhere between blue and green, I guess.. a pleasant color next to food.

Sunday morning.. the eggs and oatmeal slide right out of the pans.. Without PTFE !!!

Susan said...

Oh to not have to scrub eggs!

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...

Nice pans; great news and LOVE geese!

Unknown said...

I hate Teflon. This is cool. Let me know how you like em. Thanks for mentioning about this. This is good to know.

Nat said...

I also stopped using Teflon a long time ago. The stuff is so bad! I saw those at Target too and loved them!

DawnB said...

definately worth a try. I'm going to find some. Thank you

ShirleyPerly said...

One of the reasons I don't eat eggs is because they make such a mess. I might have to look into that pan!

Anne said...

I wanted to laugh at the irony of the name versus the color of the pans too, but someone beat me to it. Enjoy your many meals using these health-friendly pieces.

rocketpants said...

You will have to keep us updated on how you like them. It looks like some sort of ceramic coating of sorts on it. (why it can get so hot) PFOAs are usually only associated with PTFE pans...granted they can be in some other sneaky places too, but it does appear that those will be gone soon too.