Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cats Can Get It for Themselves

Supper tonight for Don and Sweet Pea...
Bison sloppy joes with my own recipe of salsa and pasta sauce.. with allspice, cinnamon, mustard, liquid smoke and organic red wine... instead of catsup which contains sugar. Also organic asparagus and FoodShouldTasteGood Chocolate Tortilla Chips.

You can check out some of my cooking in the past months on Make It a Masterpiece (Don's blog).
Sweet Pea and I do the cooking; Don does presentation and photography.

I have been continuously seeking to cook more wholesome .. more healthy ... organic when most important... good fats... no added sugars, no gluten ... a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. We are fighting the myeloma every way we can...
And of course the extra benefit is... healthier eating for Sweet Pea and me too!!

Today, on the way home from the myeloma support and information meeting in St. Louis Park, we made our first visit to Seward Co-op in Minneapolis. What a marvelous place! And they had ... are you ready for this?? They had haggis!! I said we had to buy a pound in honor of my Scottish Sweetie. More about that later... !

I also chose a pound of ground beef, because I was hungry for hamburgers... and a pound of ground bison which he prefers now. We buy co-op or Whole Foods meat.

As I was cooking the bison meal... and my red wine marinated hamburgers..
As I sliced up some sweet onion and fresh tomato... added the convected oven asparagus.
As I put my meal together on a blue plate...

I thought.. yes, my family gets food their way...
But YO!! So do I!
Cats can get it for themselves.

We all went out for a run in the 60 degree day at about 5pm.
Feeling good after a quick 5K in the neighborhood with Sweet Pea.
Best Day of the Year!


Calyx Meredith said...

Such lovely colors on that plate! I'm always so happy when spring asparagus is the menu.

ShirleyPerly said...

Your wholesome meals look so good! Definitely beats the can of soup or frozen dinner I've often had for a meal. Thanks for the ideas!!