Thursday, June 12, 2008

In Praise of Scouting

Our empathy and grief is great for the Iowa Scouts and Staff at Little Sioux Scout Ranch, and for Parents and Families... 4 Scouts (early reports say 13-14 year olds) were killed by a tornado yesterday.
(See various media reports.)

Scouting was an important part of our youth...
Don grew up in Duluth MN... scout camp Laury (sp?)
Below... Don's First Class badges and Order of the Arrow sash.. His patch for camp staff (chief scout in the kitchen one summer), etc.

My first class Girl Scout badges are in a box in the back of the attic. Note to self: resist temptation to crawl around in the attic on a hot summer day.
Below are some snaps from Prairie Gold Scout Camp on Lake Okoboji Iowa. Today I have been remembering those 3 years I was there for summer camp... scout camp ... in Iowa.
(You can click on pictures for enlargement.)

1) Me fishing 2) Me in near end of canoe 3) camp grounds
4) Tents 5) Me, second in line of archers 6)Me doing crafts

Be sure to see our previous post (below) about our "double your pleasure" 2-run day!


DawnB said...

my heart goes out to them and their families. Tragic...

Rich said...

I have 2 girls who will be cadets this year and one more moving up to brownie. I'm saving all their vests and patches and badges!

peter said...

Ahh scouting. I'm so sorry for the tragedy in Iowa. I was a Cub Scout on Staten Island for awhile, but we didn't have all that much nature around, although the rest of NYC thought of Staten Island as "the country."