Thursday, June 5, 2008

20 Miles on Gateway

Temp in the mid-sixties all day long with a variable breeze 7-10 mph. Heavy overcast: storms were coming. Don was at home watching the radar move in from Sioux Falls.. to Mankato... to the western suburbs, and keeping in touch by cell phone.
We made our long 20 miles before a drop of rain.

These lovely pink wildflowers decked out the hillsides and pond banks. Geese and goslings Sweet Pea especially appreciates the dogs being walked. We could hardly believe this picture when we got home. On the trail, we didn't realize the prize the cat had in its mouth!
This was near a horse stable .... where cats help keep the mouse population down.
I am extremely sensitized to poison ivy ... so I was on the lookout for it: find the shiny 3-leaf plants. poison ivy Honey suckle is lovely this time of year; not so lovely when it's branches are spreading to choke out other plants. There will be a new crop of dandelions!

This is one of those great kid-strollers that can be pulled by a bicycle. It is fun to see the infants and toddlers out.

Several states are having tornado watches, warnings ... and tornados.
We have had at least an inch and a half since 5pm.
It is good to have a long run in.
It is good to be home before the storms.
Week total: 38.3 miles


rocketpants said...

Glad you got in the long run before the rain settled in!

IronWaddler said...

I absolutely love your photos. How beautiful and great run.

Backofpack said...

That cat is a beauty, and so proud of his prize!

We've had tons of rain this week - I'm hoping for a dry day tomorrow for the relay, and Sunday for the marathon. My first relay leg is on a dirt trail - I heard it was a mud bath two weeks ago, and we've had so much rain since then, I'm sure it'll be a mess.

Good for you for getting your 20 in, and a high mileage week! Way to go!

Unknown said...

you always have the best photos!!

and one lucky kitty...

peter said...

20-Miler, nice going. We had a line of terrific storms through DC on Wednesday that disrupted Metro, tore down trees and knocked out power. My phone is still out (no internet) and my basement is drying. Had to get off the subway a stop before my stop b/c of downed trees but instead of waiting for non-existent bus service with everyone else I just ran the 3K distance home. Fortunately I wear my running shoes on my commute.

ShirleyPerly said...

Enjoyed the photos!! Nice to see how green it is up there. I saw some geese and gosling on my last long run (race) too. Glad you beat the rain!

Anonymous said...

First of all...those pictures are amazing! You should enter some type of photo contest. It is beautiful there...the green! The cat picture is the best.

Secondly...great job with your running miles this week!

Anne said...

I'm with waddler, those are great pictures. I'd get in 20 miles if that was my scenery and weather too. Nothing like an oncoming storm to keep you running strong.

Unknown said...

Great photos!Nice job on the long run as well.