Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

Haven't been able to think of much to blog about other than whining about the winter.
Wishing for something interesting....

Today, as I rounded a corner and headed up a freeway entrance ramp, a sickening thwap thwap thwap crashed against a rear wheel well as the tire rotated.
As quickly as possible I pulled over to the right (and only) shoulder and cautiously abandoned the warm driver's seat to venture out into 4pm traffic to peer at my left rear tire.

There was a rubber strap hanging out over the tire... Yes, it was! It was a rubber BUNGEE ... Its hook hopelessly embedded in the tread of the tire.
Tire punch After satisfying myself that I could not possibly pry the thing out, and being quite certain the result would be a very flat tire...
Back in the car... call Valentine Super Guy to the rescue. Praise be for cell phones.
Cold as it looks!! At 4pm the temp was probably about 15 degrees with a 16 mph wind.
Not the weather you hope for when you have to change a tire on the freeway. Still winter
Of course when Runner Dude removed the bungee hook from the tire, it immediately went flat... Well the rest was harrowing and yet .. routine? Tire changed.. trip to the tire dealer.. tire repair... And while we waited... Flowers for Valentine's Day!
Love Home for supper by 6. (What supper??) Well, fresh, from scratch chicken soup, thanks in part to leftover roasted chicken in the refrigerator.

After all that whining about cold long winter, this little adventure in the Minnesota tundra is weird enough for me?


Anne said...

A Valentine's Day with a happy ending...just as it should be. And with a brand spankin' new tire to match the beautiful bouquet.

Backofpack said...

That is very strange. Who'd a thought?

The flowers are gorgeous and hopefully remind you of sunshine!

Happy Valentines Day!

Unknown said...

Hey - and now you have an extra bungee! Gotta look at the bright side. :)

Anonymous said...

Yum...fresh from scratch chicken soup sounds delicious!!

Okay, I couldn't resist the opportunity for this corny pun: Are you officially "tired" of this cold weather or what!

Seriously, I'm glad you were not hurt :)

Vickie said...

A nice way to celebrate Valentines Day (the flowers), but thankfully you got the tire changes without needing a towtruck.

Nancy said...

Yes, run of the mill and mundane will be just fine. So sorry this happened to you, but at least it is behind you and it could have been so much worse.

IronWaddler said...

Glad everything worked out ok.

peter said...

Nice flowers. Glad there was someone to call who could come. How about Triple A?

Sunshine said...

How about AAA is a good question!

At a hundred thousand miles, the warantee on our car ran out... along with the emergency road service.

We have had some serious discussion in the last day about re-newing AAA !!!!

Susan said...

This is an enchanting story!