Saturday, February 16, 2008

"The Secret Between Us"

Barbara Delinsky's book (c. 2008.. title above) jumped right off the shelf at me when we were waiting for the tire to be fixed.

Delinsky's writing is good enough that I can follow the story without being distracted by clumsy or trite sentences. Legal issues, divorce, medical implications, nearly-adult children, friendships... an interesting read. The combination of the whole flat tire experience and reading an entire novel in the following day and a half have been cause for reflection.

"It is good to have someone you can call that will come." I reflected on that as I stood waving at traffic accelerating up the entrance ramp of an interstate. See my previous post. Not even realizing that our emergency road response provision ran out with a hundred thousand miles and the extended warranty, I had called him thinking that he would call Saturn to come.

He crouched, busy with lug nuts, jumping back behind the car each time snow plows approached. I thought about the myeloma from which he did not yet experience symptoms. And I thought about how good it was to have someone who could come.

My car has a hundred thousand miles on it, but I always have road-worthy tires and brakes and steering in good repair. The tire repair was free because of the Michelin puncture warranty. I don't have flat tires. I have never needed to change a flat tire, yet.

I appreciate my Someone who changes tires. I appreciate the fact that nobody got hurt as a result of road debris.

And it was fun to take a few hours off to appreciate a new novel by Delinsky.

To reflect.. and to appreciate.
Kitty reflecting


peter said...

I'll tell you a secret, as long as Someone can come, he will come. Everytime, right away. And he'll be glad you called! Nice reflective post.

I like your new picture.

Mary Sunshine said...

I enjoyed reading your February glad you have Someone!

The posts about the weather have helped to shush my Cincinnati winter whining. Most definitely!

jeanne said...

having Someone is one of the best things in life there is. Very glad your Someone is there for you!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture :)

Anne said...

What a coincidence...I just added that book to my reading list. Sounds like it deserves to be on it. I can't imagine getting to read an entire book while waiting for a tire fix. Yikes!

Sunshine said...

Ooops, wasn't clear enough. I guess. Repairing the tire was free and took only about half an hour, during which time I purchased the book, and went right home to read it.

Dori said...

What a nice post! It is nice to have someone who will come. Grateful people are happy people. :-)