Thursday, January 10, 2008


Katie Couric had one on network television, so maybe it is OK for me to write about mine on a blog.

On the anniversary of my mother's funeral, (she died of colon cancer many years ago.. before colonoscopies)... I had a colonoscopy.
Results were excellent: "come back in 10 years", "fortunate that you eat such a good diet."

Note: I was disgusted that Medicare would not pay for the prep solution that came with flavor packets.. but then it seemed like prep solution without flavoring was easier to down (drank it fast with 3 straws to get it down quick, brushed my lips with a little fresh lemon to kill the aftertaste.)

indoor running We ran at the Stillwater "bubble" on the cold day this week, having run outdoors on the warmer days.


Backofpack said...

That stuff you have to drink is nasty! I had to drink a whole gallon of it. I had mine a few years ago when I was sick, so I don't have to have one at 50! Yay!

I'm glad everything was good.

Anonymous said...

Great job getting the colonoscopy done, and YAY for the great results!!

peter said...

Good for you for getting 'er done and yay for the results! Short sighted medicare (don't get me started on this great nation's health care "system").

Sunshine said...

I wonder if it is only a matter of time before Medicare will not pay for a colonoscopy more frequently than every 10 years.. even if there is a family history. The doctor's pronouncement might have been more predictive of Medicare that a medical opinion about me?

IronWaddler said...

Git 'er done! Great job.

Bob - said...

Glad everything went well with ur test! and nice Bubble Run:-)