Sunday, January 13, 2008

Significant Birthdays for Runners

A birthday that puts a runner in a new age group is an event to celebrate. I couldn't have imagined such jubilation for chalking up another year among folks over 40. But the energy that flows in being the youngest in an age group is captivating.

Well, this is not my year for a new age group, but it will roll around soon enough. This year I will be content to run races for the joy of it, without the goal of age group awards.

So here's to the runners advancing to a new age group: May you run with new zest.
And here's to the rest of us: Happy birthday anyway.

It is winter


Backofpack said...

Happy Birthday! I'm actually not sure if this is just commentary or if it is your birthday - but Happy Birthday either way!

Eric tells me that my new age group is even tougher than the last - there are some competitive local women in the 50-55 range. Doesn't really matter, because I'm not competitive.

Anonymous said...

If it's your birthday, Happy Birthday!

I'll be joining the 40+ age group this year. From race results I've seen, being older doesn't equal being slower! I don't think I'll have an edge being the youngest of my age group :0

Vickie said...

Was it your birthday?? I hope I didn't miss it! If it was HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And yes, after about 40, you're not as eager to go into a new age group. It gets harder! But I do think we get better in other ways.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean it's your birthday?? If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Way to work toward a new age group! :)

Vickie said...

I forgot to mention. I will be in a new age group later this year also and I know it won't put me at the top of the charts there either!

peter said...

Look at that snow! I went up an age group this year (55-59) and got away from some of those fast 'uns still in 50-54, but guess what? I bumped into a bunch more fast people over 55!

I told you my sister had a yarn shop in St. Paul. Here's a link to a QuickTime 360 picture of her Thursday night knitting group or some such thing. She's the one with the blue hair!

I think it's a true picture of Minnesotans. Bet they're knitting with llama yarn.

cat said...

Happy Birthday!

Can it be that across continents and oceans, across hemispheric seasonal divides... we actually share a birth month?


Blessings to you my friend! :-)


Sunshine said...

We enjoyed the clip of the women in the yarn shop. What a good group! Hoping to get over there one of these days.

Anne said...

Belated birthday greetings! I joined a new age group about a year ago, and it was nice to finally have a bit of an advantage again -- just in terms of longevity. And thank you for stopping by my blog. You certainly sound like someone who lives up to her blog name!