Thursday, December 6, 2007

Totally Winter!

The snow is absolutely awesomely beautiful.

Single digit temperatures say "January".

Sunday, Dec 2, shoveled snow
Monday, Dec 3, 20 minutes walk/run in ice & snow in the neighborhood
Tuesday, Dec 4, 40 minutes treadmill at community center

Stillwater lift bridge on Tuesday when we went to Valley Co-op.
Bridge is down
Wednesday, Dec 4, shoveled snow (It kept snowing!)
We shopped at the Fresh and Natural (local chain) for gluten-free baking supplies and local produce.

Thursday, Dec 6, 40 minutes treadmill at community center.
Did some 4 miles an hour, some 6 miles an hour, and a few times did a couple of minutes at 9 miles an hour.

It keeps on snowing.
Piling up on the picnic table
Friday, Dec 7, day off.. but we will probably keep shoveling!

Saturday, December 8 Virtual 8 mile race on the 8th:
See Vickie at

And Nancy at

Healthy gluten-free
This week we all experimented with gluten-free whole grain millet flour bread with nuts and seeds and cinnamon in it.


Nat said...

That bread looks so good!

Backofpack said...

Have you ever tried those yak-tracks or other spikey things for running? We don't get enough snow and ice here to worry about it - and when it does ice, it's usually a thin sheet of black ice that is probably too thin to use them on. The snow looks wonderful...

IronWaddler said...

I tried the yak-tracks last year and loved them.

The photos are beautiful. I do love the winter.

Unknown said...

brrrrrr. looks cold

but the bread looks warm and yummy. :)