Saturday, December 8, 2007

Below zero and staying indoors!

Christmas in ice Some folks near here are making an icy outdoor tree. All afternoon the garden hose, rigged up on a ladder, sprayed water on a framework. And, I'll tell you folks, it is cold enough in Minnesota to make ice.

Brave MN Runner Don went running with the St. Croix runners this morning. Sweet Pea and I bravely ventured out this afternoon to run 40 minutes on dreadmills at the community center. We virtually cheered all the hearty runners who actually ran in the 8 Miles on the 8th virtual race today.

Best news: the running track from Europe arrived. Installation should start next week at the community center.


DawnB said...

That's really cold, I'm sure we'll get ours soon.

Backofpack said...

I'm glad you explained the picture, because I sure couldn't figure it out! Dang - it's cold there!

Hope that track gets installed soon and feels great.

Unknown said...

Not only is it freezing cold here, we also have a sheet of ice on the ground. I am not into running on a skating rink, so I stayed inside as well.

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Sunshine said...

Tracy: Wishing I could read your latest post.. but "no access".
Wishing you good days until the ice melts.

Nat said...

I'm glad you're finally getting your track. Treadmills can sometimes seem twice as hard because I get so bored!

Vickie said...

You definitely have it worse than we do, but I know its coming! Be careful not to slip and fall on all that ice!

Unknown said...

Brrrrrr. looks cold.

Why would someone want to make an icy tree?