Monday, August 6, 2007

What is it with "5 things" ?

Well, not a partridge in a pear tree, but a whole lot more than five egrets ... I counted ten as I stood there, in a Minnesota tree just last week !egrets

Searching the internet... all I can find is more and more lists ... and books of lists ... of "5 things". But where does the magic of 5 come from?
There were more than 5 apostles, more than 5 candles in the Menora, more than 5 commandments (no matter how you prefer to number them), 4 gospels, 7 days in a week, should I go on?

What is with 5 ? Where did it start ?

A current favorite is to name 5 things in your refrigerator. Of course if I had only 5 things in my refrigerator, I could get by on a dorm room size unit.
But OK, here are 5 things I didn't used to have in my refrigerator that I enjoy now!

1. Ripe fruit and berries, in season, even bananas and avacadoes, are delicious chilled.

2. Fresh rosemary, fresh basil, fresh flatleaf parsley, fresh thyme (have always thought dried, ground thyme was unpleasant). Fresh herbs ... so interesting that I may try to raise them by the livingroom window.

3. Fresh organic romaine, rainbow chard and broccoli (beginning to think organic may have more precious nutrients ... unless you can raise your own) Sweet potatoes ... should not be refrigerated, but they are refrigerated in the stores here, and they spoil if not refrigerated when I get them home.

4. Using parmesan, asiago, cheddar (not dyed), and blue cheese, instead of milder cheese ... because less is enough. Organic ricotta helps make alfredo-type sauces with less fat .

5. Small quantity of many kinds of nuts: almonds, brazils, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds.

Thanks, Cat!

Well, guess that's more than 5. I am a possibilites person.

Dear Reader, What are your 5 things in your refrigerator?

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cat said...

Hi Sunshine!

You are so making a trip to Minnesota on my to-do list!

Great pictures, oh and great great food ideas and fridge inventory - you are inspiring me all the time.

I would really love some recipes to go with those luscious photos :)

mmmmmmmmm I am going to the market today, but to Chinatown for lunch as it's Wed already here in Oz, and the market is open Tues, Thurs Fri and Sat only, but when it is.. oh my!!!

Lots of links, sorry about that - but the organics are great.

Take care :)