Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Garden Tour: Day Two

To see a slide show of flowers from both days of the garden tour, by Minnesota Don. Please see the slide show at THIS LINK.

Exquiste garden with 300 bonsai, up to 300 years old; 2 ponds. Kitty welcomeHundreds of bonsai here Bonsai in bloomFish anyone?Oriental inspiration
All recent photo posting is courtesy of Sweet Pea, and some of the photos are hers, too.


cat said...

Oh that is so beautiful, it's going to take me several visits to take in your last three posts!
Before I became ill, I was an horticulturalist and I had to learn many botanical names by rote as part of training, there were so few I could remember particularly in the slide show! Granted I live on a whole other continent and some were new to me, but oh the wonder of diverstity and colour!
Lovely, thankyou! I particularly love Japanese gardens at the moment, and had I the physical ability, I would be doing some conversions around here to that end.
Thanks again!

Sunshine said...

Oh you are kind; thank you, thank you.
Taking many pictures ... and posting them ... is turning out to be a marvelous affirmation of life right now. We charish these days when Don does not have myeloma symptoms.
Sharing the pictures is a joy.

cat said...

I can feel the affirmation of life through your blog and pictures, truly :).
It is such a wonderful feeling, and I hope you have many more such days to share :)
Thankyou for sharing them with me :)