Monday, July 30, 2007

Annual Worship at Portland Prairie Methodist Church near Caledonia

In the beautiful rolling hills of non-glacial Houston County, southeast corner of Minnesota, the congregation was founded in 1855.
Ninety-four-year old descendant of founders, also his wife, three children, and even a granddaughter attended this year.Historic preservation.Sanctuary was cooled by summer breezes.After worship, folks gathered under the trees for a potluck dinner.The preacher (beside his wife in picture below) was a retired former pastor of the Caledonia church. He told me he will never forget being at the meeting where the Methodists voted to ordain women!

Food is getting healthier at potlucks.We drove home the longer route, up the Mississippi and along Lake Pepin.In the pleasant hours of the day, it was the best day of the year!

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Boo said...

This is the best day of the year<---I agree. I've been going to this service for most of my life. I think I've only missed a couple of services. Most of the people in the graveyard are my relatives. It is an awesome peaceful place that makes my heart soar.

Glad you could also take part in it. 2010 marked a 'cemetary walk'. Those are so nice to hear.

Thank you for blogging this and AWESOME photos!!