Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer Days

St. Croix River ValleyHot Hot all week here: feels like summer! Our weekend race will be hot, too. I'm figuring to acclimate by spending time outside ... gardening, walking, enjoying the summer days. Consciously hydrating, too, seems like good preparation.
This morning we ran at the community center... our last air conditioned run for the week. Chose an inexpensive freezer ice pack at a drug store on the way home. Also got hyaluronic acid to go with the glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM for my knee(s). Haven't seen any bad side effects for any of that yet ... except wallet damage. A doctor was on CBS this morning recommending the first two of those plus HA for joints. I will investigate what ASU is.
A fun weekend to look forward to energizes the week? Run run.


Backofpack said...

What run are you doing this weekend? Hope you enjoy it! I just started taking glucosamine and fish oil capsules to help with muscles and joints - the chiropractor suggested it. And you are right, so far the only uncomfortable side effect is to the wallet!

Sunshine said...

To "backof pack" ..Thanks for commenting!
I replied to you back on your blog.. but we are having little discussions here about whether one should reply back.. right after the original comment or back on the commenter's blog.
Any comments?