Saturday, June 30, 2007

Running Running

Dex eats up your muscles: we learn all sorts of things at myeloma information and support meetings. Dexamethasone is taken with Revlimid to fight myeloma. Maybe that is next for our Myeloma Hope guy, but for now he is trying an alternative treatment of large doses of curcumin with a little black pepper.

This morning at the meeting there was more discussion than usual about the agonies and perils of being the major support person for a person who has myeloma. This was partly due to the presence of some support folks who had questions as they were going through some heavy stuff.

Because our Myeloma Hope guy does not have any symptoms other than blood counts, these days seem to me like a eerie marvelous tentative awesome honeymoon time...
With the ominous forecast of unthinkable pain some day for him.

So we are running running. Met with the Stillwater runners this morning: Five miles for serious runners and around 5K for runner/walkers like Running Partner and me. You can read more about our Guy's running these days at Make It a Masterpiece.
Saturday morning runnersMaybe we will bike tomorrow. Cross training is good.

When I hear care-giver stories I would say my care-giving is pretty low-key... but I am devoting a lot of energy to continuing to study nutrition and alternative supplements ... as well as shopping, cleaning up... and cooking it up for great healthy eating.

Amazing thing: I am working on my deep aversion to fish cakes... by selecting .. for lunch... wild caught salmon fish cakes with spinach, feta cheese, anise, fennel and other spices ... at Whole Foods Market in Minneapolis. They were tasty... and I am still thinking about why I don't think much of the idea of good fish chopped up and made into cakes. Stay with me.

Salmon cake dinnerSpinach feta salmon patties from Whole Foods (Wild Alaska salmon, spinach, feta cheese, sea salt, black pepper, anise, fennel, garlic, parsley, paprika, canola oil, breadcrumbs), blackcurrant jam, organic strawberries. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 9.

So it goes; life is precious; stay awake for it; and eat (dark chocolate) dessert first. Grace is with us.

Picture below: good runner legs of Saturday morning runners. These legs were made for running

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Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Hi Sunshine,
I saw your post on Michelle's "Back of the Pack" blog and saw you were from MN. My wife is from ND, Grand Forks, specifically, and I thought I would say hi. I'm from Texas so I don't know those North Dakotan terms for hi/hello and whatever. Yeahsureyoubetcha is about as close as I get.
Stop by and say hi sometime.