Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Good Day !

Pacific Surf I gasped, literally, at my first glimpse of the awesome Pacific, just north of Rockport, California, after the drive on the mountain road from Leggett. The first glimpse of the ocean always does that to me. Two weeks later, I continue to be energized and inspired by thoughts of running through the giant redwoods and gazing out over the ocean.
Rain again today and Running Partner and I did 5K on the track at the community center. Today is a good day.
Tomorrow we will take the day off.


Dori said...

Beautiful picture. A running friend of mine also ran that race, then took a vacation along the coast. You're a very inspiring woman, with all these marathons you run and once considering knee replacement surgery. What's your next marathon? You were right about Fargo--very well organized. I had a blast!

Backofpack said...

Avenue of the Giants is on my list of some-day marathons. Probably not next year - Big Sur and Marine Corp are next years destination marathons, but maybe, maybe the year after!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting - I love that you took up running at 62 and are so strong! Five marathons in the last year is awesome. Way to go!