Saturday, March 3, 2007

Having all the fun!

Oh yes, we had all the fun! ...13-14 inches of snow in the last 3 days... after a foot last week. (Where to put it all!?) The whole metro area was shut down Thursday night and Friday morning. We 3 were all out clearing the heavy white stuff.
Yesterday afternoon streets were still not totally plowed, with drifting in open areas.

Snow days: gift of exciting grace! When our children were home on a snow day, I always cheered with them... an unexpected opportunity to have them around. Wishing we could ship a snow day off to the folks who didn’t get one this week, and would have been blessed to have one.

Myeloma support/information group this morning: 17 different people, each with their own set of blood numbers, symptoms, treatments, results, and history, most folks accompanied by a significant other. What a strange complicated plague blood cancer is!
A few fortunate ones use the term plateau; none use the word remission.... ever.

Running this afternoon at the community center, we three. Looking forward now to another marathon, in a couple of months or so. Planning training... strategizing... hoping to make a PR (personal record). I love running marathons. I enjoy the travel to a marathon in another state.

Phone call from Grandma and Grandpa (in their mid-nineties) .. All is well.

A roast is in the fry pan, with vegetables, corn and beans, and my running muscles are stretched and resting. Write on your hearts it is a good day of the year.

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