Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smuttynose Marathon and Half

Precious memories of New Hampshire

When we drove the race the day before, we found signs up.
A couple of roads, shared with traffic, felt dangerous during the race though.

New Hampshire license plate declare, "Live free or die", giving
a note of reality to the National Anthem at the start of the race.

Rental car had GPS! What a fabulous help that was with navigating the neighborhoods as we drove the race course the day before the race.

Here we all are, gathering at the start.

Rain was the weather for the whole weekend. On Friday evening, we drove in pouring rain and darkness on toward Boston and on north to northern Massachusetts.
And rain was the order of the day for the race.

But, oh the views from the race course!
Several miles of running along the north Atlantic Coast, viewing the energizing surf, I nearly ignored the rain.

But rain, it did! Sweet Pea and I sat in the car after the race, attempting to get dry and warm. Below: rain on the windshield.

Incredible reader: after the race, just walk up to it and it reads your number and shows your results. Oh fantastic!

Here is Myeloma Runner Don, finishing with cheer as usual.

Shame on the Stonyfield company for shutting down (running out?) sometime before 5 hours. We enjoyed the yogurt, but there was none for Don and other later finishers.

And hurrah for the race people for amazing post-race food: LOBSTER ROLL, hot soup (two types), bottled water.

The lobster roll was marvelously delicious post-race food.

Finisher's medals for all, and a pack of fun stuff for Don who placed in his age group.

Love those WOMEN'S cut race shirts.

Autumn colors in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania were great of course, even though we had to imagine bright sunshine. The view of deciduous and coniferous trees blanketing the mountains was worth the trip.

On the way home, at the very south end of Plum Island, north coast of Massachutetts

Wildlife at the National Reserve

I80/90 though northern Ohio fall color was peak.
Further north, Trempelo and Jackson County Wisconsin were as spectacular as any.
And the maple at the end of our own driveway wasn't so bad either.

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