Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6 hours at the Mall of America

Toddler Tuesday at the Mall, East Rotunda

Also a celebration of the Chinese New Year for the toddlers

On our feet for a full 6 hours, walking briskly for more than 5 hours.
We did walk with our lattes for a time; Sweet Pea spent part of her Christmas gift card on a Weight Watchers book; a quick check of sale racks at a couple of stores yielded a $15 jacket for me; she picked out dark chocolate dipped marshmallow for each of us at Rocky Mountain Chocolate; we each wolfed down a small taco for lunch.
Yup! We had a good time. Way back on the day the Mall of America opened we three walked the whole thing, and I still think it is an interesting place.

I figure we walked more than 16 miles today at the Mall of America.


Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...

sounds like a very full day at MOA. Sometimes it is very enjoyable to walk there. Great window shopping and people watching.

Beth said...

What a fun day- good bargains, good food, good company. Quite a workout, too! I like to go there and roam around.

Sunshine said...

Thank you Two for positive and kind summaries. Sweet.

ShirleyPerly said...

I heard how big MOA was but, unfortunately, did not get to see it when I was there last year. Sounds like you guys a shopping marathon there!

Sunshine said...

Shirley.. Your running the indoor marathon here was amazing. Cheering you was a delight!

Endurance cross-training (Mall walking) is a possibility for us two pretty-slow runners.... if we stick mostly to walking, not shopping for six hours.