Monday, December 7, 2009

Walking walking walking

OK people, we're walking, we're walking (or so says the White House tour guide?)

Our aim is at least 30 minutes every other day.. or if possible 6 days a week.
We do a little running too, but my knee still complains about that.
I wish I could stretch the very very inside of my knee.
A couple of days in the last week we have done an hour.
And Saturday we did 3 1/2 hours.
We are having a good time.

Sweet Pea brakes for KITTIES.....

Many of your will want to read Myeloma Hope for the reports from Don's trip to the hematology conference (ASH) in New Orleans. (Booth duty for cancer patient advocacy sponsored by International Myeloma Foundation.)


Elaine Merrill said...

Whose kitty is that? It could be related to our Danny Mo! Glad to hear you're walking, walking.

Vickie said...

Walking is better than not moving! I'm sure it is frustrating not being able to run much, but at least you are committed to getting out there as often as possible. How is your weather today?

Unknown said...

Just found your blog. I've been following Don's for a while (my spouse is one year into MM, had back damage and a rod implant, a very challenging year). Don's blog is the only thing I download that Van takes the time to read at my request. Very well done. Our doctors (and we had Dr. L at Mayo for a while) don't focus on diet/supplements and consequently Van doesn't either, so I appreciate Don's blog. Do you have a post about night-shade on it somewhere? And, is the gluten-free part connect to MM or something else?
Seeing your profile, i thought you might like "Hang on Little Tomato" CD by Pink Martini.
We are in Mpls frequently, our daughter works for the Childrens Theater and often for Frank Theater, plus various restraurants and formerly the Walker.
We used to cycle and run around Lake Harriet and others.

Sunshine said...

Julie.. Is this you?

I clicked on "Julie" and was denied access. (hate that)

Yes, there may be a connection between gluten sensitivity and MM... and even some cancers of stomach and esophagus. Google those words together and you can find article.

Julie Zimmer said...

No, I'm for now, soon changing providers and address.

Got the note about gluten. Will look it up.