Monday, December 21, 2009

Gluten Free Christmas

Gluten-free choices take a lot of the regrettable eating out of the holidays. See the previous post for use of organic teff flour for baking. Although whole grain, it is ground fine. We have used it for banana bread and ginger cookies... so far.

Whenever possible, choosing whole fresh fruit or dried fruit instead of sugar, and nuts (without oil added), avocado, or organic coconut oil or olive oil over other fat is a nice goal.

Moving toward wholesome eating is a journey. We are somewhere on the continuum.

On Saturday, December 5, in New Orleans, Sweet Pea and I walked a couple of miles on Magazine Street to Whole Foods Grocery, housed in the old Arabella Station building. Arabella Station, a historic site, was built in 1893, and later, in the mid-twentieth century, used as a streetcar barn.

This sounds like a commercial, but we have enjoyed access to organic produce at Whole Foods in nearly every city where we have run a marathon. We also try to explore farmers' markets and co-op markets.

After lunch in the deli there, we shopped for a few groceries which we packed in the 2 bags we brought. We walked the few blocks to St. Charles and caught the trolley.

Cooking our breakfast eggs in the hotel room worked out quite well, and helped keep expenses down. Organic apples and grapes supplemented meals eaten out. Bag on the left has the symbol for the International Myeloma Foundation.

Today's fitness report: worked out some at home


Anne said...

I love Whole Foods, as do all of my friends. Unfortunately, with a lot of people like me still unemployed, their prices make it difficult to shop there regularly when you are of such limited means. Thankfully, in Southern California we have a growing number of less expensive rivals, such as Henry's and Sprouts.

It's unfortunate that so much of the country is forced to buy high-calorie, processed "food" because it's all that is available and/or that they can afford.

OK, food supply rant over. Have a wonderful holiday weekend with Sweet Pea and Don - you all have much to celebrate.

Sunshine said...

Sorry about the unemployment. We are on Social Security.. so there is not even the hope of a juicy job down the road for us.

BUT.. OH no! I think it is not fair to label Whole Foods as more expensive. When I compare quality.. when I resist the temptation to choose out-of-season produce or luxury items... I find Whole Foods to be a good source... especially in an unfamiliar city.

And like you say... this is not southern California.

Thanks for ranting. I do it too.

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...

I always try to hit the grocery store when I travel. Love to have fruit and healthy stuff to eat while on the road. I really really love it when there is a Whole Foods near by. Great deli selections and I get what I want with a whole lot less guilt.

I agree that the prices are some times very hard to "swallow", but also find that many of the products are cheaper there than if you buy at Cub (a reasonably priced grocery store in Mpls). For example, Stoneyfield yogurt (or Brown Cow); Silk Soymilk... all less cheaper at WF.

CewTwo said...

Merry Christmas, my friends! A wonderful blog and I should comment much more often than I do!