Tuesday, September 8, 2009

27th Year for 2 Labor Day Weekend Races

Foggy sunrise over the hills of western Wisconsin.
On Saturday, in Eau Claire, the Buckshot Races for Special Olympics.
10 years ago, Sweet Pea and I ran our first road race here, invited by my Sister-in-law and Brother.
Lots of kids and dogs and runners of all ages. . .
600 runners in the 5 mile race and about 780 in the 2 mile.

Races are on wide trails and roads in the woods of Carson Park in Eau Claire.
Ooops.. did they borrow that Babe the Blue Ox from neighboring Minnesota? Sweet Pea is running right by.

10 years ago, when we had run our first race, we said, when's the next race? Jessica agreed to meet us two days later, on Labor Day, for the Victory Race in the Webber-Camden neighborhood on the north side of Minneapolis.

Victory, a flat pleasant race, is a great chance for an end of summer catch up with many local runner friends.
Below.. a sample of the flowers in little city yards.. and runners gathering and warming up. Races are 10K and 5K.
Weather, was delightful, as usual, for both the Saturday and the Monday races. And both were celebrating the 27th annual running of their races.

Yes, I'm running some, plus doing all the cross-training and remedies noted in the posts of the past 4 months.


Unknown said...

Nice photos, as always!

Unknown said...

LOLLL about the Blue Ox. I truly loves the picture of the sunrise. Absolutely beautiful.

Beth said...

Wow, two races in one weekend! Nice work! That's great that you have a tradition going. Fun!

A Plain Observer said...

so you were hooked on the first race? I was too also 10 years ago. Nothing like that feeling. Glad you're running again