Saturday, August 22, 2009

Running with Camera

Observing rowing races to adds variety to our 4K on Friday.
(Northwestern International Rowing Association Championship Regatta)

And yes, I always have my camera in my pocket when I run. A camera in one pocket and a cell phone in the other doesn't make for a particularly slim silhouette, but that's worth the trade-offs to me.

The pain in the quad bothers me most this week. Every other time I go out it isn't so bad.


Backofpack said...

I always carry my phone. Years ago I found this little neoprene pocket that I could slide onto a race belt - my phone fits it perfectly. I sling it over my hips and off I go! I don't like to put it in clothing pockets because a) it bounces and b) I don't always have pockets. I never have the camera - Eric is the photo guy around here. I'm glad to hear you are out running, but sorry you've still got pain (new pain at that!). Hope it all goes away soon.

Unknown said...

It brings me back memories of when I was running along the canal and watching Princeton University rowing team. GREAT pix!!! It is nice to be able to see so many beautiful things while majority of people are stuck on the couch all day doing nothing.

Beth said...

Wasn't this weekend just beautiful? A great day for running and watching some rowing. Sorry about the quads but glad you got out for a run.

ShirleyPerly said...

I often carry my phone with me but not my camera when running. I should probably just use the camera on my phone but I don't know how to use it and the pictures it takes are low res.

Glad you got out and were able to take the nice shot!