Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Means Garden Tour

Eight gardens in an afternoon, in Stillwater and north along the river to the town of Marine on St. Croix.
In June and July, with my knee injury, I wouldn't have made it in and out of the car that many times. The 3 of us have enjoyed this event for many years.

Sweet Pea snaps the garden ornaments... especially the cats. We missed seeing any live kitties this year.

Here I am, camera in hand . . . .

And for sure it might be aimed at cosmos or daisies.

Many gardeners have a vegetable section, but sometimes, like this, rainbow chard among the flowers!

Lovely home in the rural woods of Washington County... but this is not a gate in a fence to keep intruders out of an estate, but the gate in a seven-foot deer fence to keep out the four-legged "salad eaters".

Seemed like there were fewer constructed water features.

The gardens with a view of the St. Croix River are always favorites of mine.

Family Means had a different poster at each garden, describing some of their various services.
There are always Master Gardeners at each garden to answer gardening questions.

"Praying hands" (not to be confused with the prayer plant), fits right in with hosta, which grows well here, mostly in the shade and it many varieties and sizes.

Lilies are right in season now.
And we had our cross-training
for the day!!!


DawnB said...

beautiful thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

nice photos. got a chuckle out of the one about the gate...deer not welcome...hahahah

Backofpack said...

Although all the photos are pretty, I especially like the idea of the iron bench around the tree in the photo of you. That is cool!

Beth said...

Beautiful! I'll have to keep doing something like that in mind for next summer. Looks like fun and a great way to get ideas.

Anne said...

What a way to get in your cross-training for the day!

rocketpants said...

So...do you think the deer can read? I love the sign. Thanks for the pretty photos.

peter said...

What cool gardens!