Monday, June 22, 2009

Grandma's Marathon in Duluth

Runner Dude Don ran his 7th Grandma's Marathon. Sweet Pea and I sat this one out because of my knee injury the last weekend in April.

Because some school buses used in past years were not available, every bus-type vehicle within 50 miles was pressed into service. A thousand runners rode the train to the start in Two Harbors.
Every train car on wheels was utilized; some runners sat on folding chairs in baggage cars.

We 3 enjoyed the comfort of first class for the round trip train ride.
The wife of a marathon runner from Texas completed the breakfast table for four.
Below: the great Lake Superior and the Duluth historical aerial bridge.

Don joined runners getting off the train at Two Harbors.
You might be able to see him in his white visor and yellow Deadwood Marathon shirt, behind somebody in a green shirt, about a third of the way across the picture from the left side.
We were able to view the start of the race from the train.

The Irvin ore boat is a museum docked near the finish in Duluth. Here we watched half marathon finishers as we arrived back in Duluth on the train.

Statue in Canal Park area near the finish: Dad with child on shoulders... feeding a seagull.
Sweet Pea and I waited several hours for Don to finish, enjoying Caribou lattes.
Skim milk, unflavored lattes without toppings have helped me maintain exactly the same weight for nearly 2 months of limited activity with this painful swollen knee.

Here he is, coming in to the finish area.

And here is the temperature when he came in (93 degrees). When he gets it posted, you can read his blog for details of his marathon race.

Best bumper sticker of the day:


Backofpack said...

Oh my gosh! 93 degrees? I don't know how Don did it! Hope your knee gets better soon so you can get back out there too.

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, you guys have a heat wave there too!!

Congrats to Don on finishing the race in such hot conditions. And kudos to you for maintaining your weight while not running. Hopefully that will change soon, though -- I mean, the running part.

A Plain Observer said...

93 degrees!!!! OMG, can't imagine running in such temperatures. Hope you are healing well. Can't believe it's been two months already

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...

I heard Duluth was very hot...congrats to Don for finishing. Congrats to you for having Spectator Endurance... (and lattes!)

peter said...

Oh my! 93 degrees. Those trains, and that ore boat museum, looked neat.

Beth said...

I can't believe Grandma's had another hot year. What bad luck. Thanks for the pictures and the report. I've never been to Grandma's or Duluth, so it was a fun read. Hope your knee is better soon.

Elaine Merrill said...

Happy July! Here's hoping it's the month your knee heals completely and you get back on the road again.

Susie Hemingway said...

Well done Don..a lovely 'post' I did enjoy the day..