Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flowers & Kids

Running fast.. downhill.. this is where, distracted for a moment, I fell, sliding on hands and knees. April 25 at the Get in Gear 10K. You can see the knee brace in the previous post.
Pictures, as always, posted by Sweet Pea. You may click to enlarge.

Dawn of a beautiful Saturday on the way to join the St. Croix Runners.

Then on to the St. Paul Farmer's Market: plants, flowers, early organic produce, bread, chocolate.... and CHILDREN!

Sweet Pea carrying the cosmos for our sun garden.

Wagons for the plants, strollers for the small children, Farmer's Market is a great family outing.

Then over to Minneapolis to the Minneapolis Marathon/Half Marathon Expo. Again, the children were out enjoying summer.

This boy gave his dad a hand.

Statue called "Dancers" near the entrance to the old Milwaukee Depot, site of the expo.

We stopped at Caribou for a latte on the way to drive the race course.
Usually, I shoot twice, and wish I had this time, because a second later, this dear girl gave me a sweet shy smile.
And I missed the shot of the 3 year old boy, reclining in stroller, hat at just the right tilt, one leg crossed over the other in a casual attitude, taking in the day. So cute. And, no doubt, reminding me of other dear 3 year olds I have known.

The races are tomorrow.


Unknown said...

great photos as always!

Dori said...

Those are wonderful photos. Kids can be so cute!

I'm so sorry to learn of your injury. I hope you recover soon.

Calyx Meredith said...

Love the picture of the dancers! And the kids' faces of course are fun. Glad you're able to be out and about again.