Saturday, January 17, 2009

MDRA Annual Meeting

A good day!
MDRA (MN running club) annual meeting today.
Don was one of only 3 men who had run all 13 races of a Grand Prix series last year.. and was awarded a nice MDRA red jacket.

I won, in the door prize drawing, entry fee for Fargo Marathon. I told them we were doing the 50 states.. and had already done that one. So they offered me entry fee for the Victory Race on Labor Day. Good.

Then Don won, in the door prize drawing, entry fee for Grandma's Marathon. As he was coming up to get the certificate... They jokingly asked Don if he had already done MN. He said, Yes, and he was going to run Grandma's !!!!

There weren't a lot of prizes.. we did well. A good day.

This isn't much of a picture.. but there's our guy: A Winner! Should have taken one when he tried on the new red prize jacket.


IronWaddler said...

How fun. Cool that you win race entries.

CewTwo said...

That does look like it was fun!

Getting something from a drawing is always fun. * sigh * I hope I can do that someday...


ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on the prizes! I got excited momentarily thinking I might see you all again in Fargo in May. Oh well ... nice they could give you something else you wanted.

Dori said...

You're a winner, even without an MDRA prize. But that's cool that you got an free entry. Thanks for your New Year wishes. I'll start posting again soon.

Vickie said...

You guys have great clubs there! Nice prizes and of course they went to the most deserving.