Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Lot Going On

Running running running.

An occasional race.

A whole lot of family stuff.

Some home fix-up.

Eating Weight Watcher's core foods: lean protein, vegetables, fruit, breakfast oatmeal, a few nuts (no oil added), and a little chunk of dark chocolate.

Hoping for a new federal administration.

Enjoying a little cooler weather.


Lily on the Road said...

It all sounds stuff is good...

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, I agree with Lily!

peter said...

New Admin? Dunno. Maybe John's (an honorable hero) choice is brilliant and we could have 24 of the last 32 years under GOP rule. Glad your running is going well, I hope your home situation is good and enjoy the cooler weather (before it gets too cool).

Margaret said...

I agree with Sunshine re the new Administration. And I respectfully disagree with Peter. I find Sarah Palin very scary. Very. I think the U.S. should go forward, not backward. Just to mention a few things, she is against: sex education, birth control, pro-choice, environmental protection, freedom of speech and gun control. She also opposes adding polar bears to the endangered species list...The list goes on and on. How can we have a VP who thinks that global warming is NOT man-made? Eh.

Well, I guess that gives away WHO I will be voting for! ;-)

Florence, Italy

Backofpack said...

It is a busy time of year. I'll add making applesauce every night after work to the list, trying to use all the tiny apples from our tree, since I was too busy running to thin them...

Sunshine said...

Anybody listening? ... Click on "peter" above and read his description of Sarah Palin on his blog.

Thanks for the comments.
I haven't blogged for over a week.. it is good to hear from each of you.

Unknown said...

I like this summary:

"Running running running.
An occasional race.
A whole lot of family stuff.
Some home fix-up."

Sounds like life!

Steve Stenzel said...

I hear ya on the last 2!!

jeanne said...

now that's a nice blog post! sums it all up quite well. Keep up the good work!

IronWaddler said...

I know the feeling. I do love the fall days and cooler weather!!