Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lumberjack Races/Portland Prairie Church

Early morning, runners headed for the Lumberjack Race buses, some of us parking in the lot across from the marvelous pre-school children's Teddy Bear Park.

Vestiges of the past lumber industry: The 5K begins at the Boom Site north of the city, along the St. Croix River.

Runner Don sprinting in, finishing the 10 mile race which began north and west of Stillwater, at Square Lake Park.
On the right, the spectator who stood on, and perpendicular to, the race course for half an hour.

Yea Sweet Pea finisher!
Weather was cooler and drier than ever for this race.. and We Two had our fastest time ever.

Orthopaedic Sports offers icy frozen "pop sticks" at the finish.
Historic Stillwater lift bridge in the background

Other goodies at the end of the races: bananas, cups of water, bottles of sports drink, bottles of water, bagels, finisher's shirts....
and the cold water spray ... enjoyed by both runners and kids. (seen here, both 10 mile runner and small child with mother)

St. Croix river boats, kid on dad's shoulders, the water spray, runners enjoying bottles of sports drink

Sunday morning, off on a 3 hour drive through southern Minnesota to the southeast corner of the state, south of Caledonia. Many miles of wildflowers along the country roads, and I wonder how many are due to the awareness created by Lady Bird Johnson.
In the Harmony area, because it was Sunday morning, we met Amish horse-drawn buggies on the way to worship.
In the Spring Grove area, the city square was decorated with plantings around the Viking statue, along with other evidence of Norwegian pioneers.

Beyond the cornfield you can see the Portland Prairie Church.

Portland Prairie Methodist Epicscopal Church, organized in 1876 is
on the National Register of Historic Places.
On Sunday, July 27, they held their annual worship in the sanctuary.
Impromptu men's and women's choirs sang.

A good thought from the pastor's message.. God doesn't deal out trouble.
(as in, "God doesn't give us more than we can handle")
But when trouble is overwhelming,

For more on Portland Prairie Church, see post on July 30, 2007, on this blog.

Benedition read in unison: "May the presence of God the Creator give you strength; may the presence of God the Redeemer give you peace; may the presence of God the Sanctifier give you love. Amen."

Hey! that's me on the right, enjoying the breeze and cooler-than-forecast temperture. What a glorious day!

And back to Stillwater Sunday night for potluck with friends, and Lumberjack Days fireworks.


DawnB said...

thanks for you kind words Sunshine looks like quite an event great photos. Beautiful Sunday drive :)

Susan said...

Having that water spray at the end of the race is such a good idea!

Gorgeous fireworks shots. As always!

wendy said...

I noticed the sprays of water too - how refreshing!

Vickie said...

What a beautiful pictorial! And a nice picture of Sweet Pea too finishing strong! Square Lake? Makes you wonder.

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...

More PRs for you and Sweet Pea! Fantastic!

Great photos of the fireworks.

Sounds like your drive around the area was really wonderful.

We do live in a beautiful state (when it isn't blizzarding out!)

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...
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Steve Stenzel said...

Great run! And the rest of the day looked like a BLAST!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great race, great church and great fireworks. What a fabulous time!

rocketpants said...

Sounds like just a perfect time! Some good messages it sounds like were given during the service.

IronWaddler said...

I love the saying "God does not give us more than we can handle...." The photos are awesome/

Unknown said...

You sure know how to make the day count, don't you? Love the pics.

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on your PRs at the race! Cooler and drier weather is what I'd like to have at some of my races. Thanks for the pictures and, yes, I'm doing what I can to heal up my hamstring and be there in January for ZYY :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful race, pictures and messages :)