Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Garden Tour 2008

Click here for our 2008 slide show:

Benefit for Family Means non-profit in Stillwater MN, last weekend.

Dental cleaning and no cavities for both Sweet Pea and me this week. Don and I showed up at myeloma information and support group this afternoon.

Between meeting, appointments, storms, and 90 degree temps, we all are fitting in our training runs this week. Yesterday, Sweet Pea and I were grateful for the indoor air-conditioned track.


CewTwo said...

Always a nice blog with such pictures! I loved the cat. I have two of my own along with Molly (the old dog, and yet the youngest of my pets).

BTW... The CoQ10 is working! I've only tried it for a few days, and I am already feeling better without a lot of the usual undefined aches and pains!

Unknown said...

With those temps and storms to boot I would be happy for an indoor track as well.

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...

Thank you for the nice comments on my blog, Sunshine. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Airconditioned track sounds good. We just got home tonight (about 9:15 pm) and the lakes were jammed with runners trying to avoid the heat.

Talk to you soon.

Nat said...

Great pics! Is that one of your cats?

wendy said...

oh, I love the dentist! Lucky you - seriously. I always like having the tooth doc make sure things are A-OK for me.

Also lucky you for having an indoor track!

DawnB said...

I'm having a tough time fitting them in this week. Next week is a new week. I love that photo