Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pilgrims in the Snow

Snow and fine sneet/icy snow during the whole morning
Temperature during the race today: 34 degrees (that's thirty four degrees!)
Temperature last year: 68 degrees (is that 2X as warm??)
Today the wind was recorded at 26 miles per hour, but perhaps gusting more

La Nina, we've had enough!
Get in Gear 10K, beginning at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, up the West River Road to the Lake Street Bridge, across the Mississippi River to St. Paul, then south on East River Road (following the Twin Cities Marathon route for a time), and south to the Ford Bridge, across the river again to Minnehaha Park.

Get in Gear is a wonderful family rite of spring (most years!)
Park and streets are full of children of all ages, including those little little folks in strollers. Even in the wintry weather today, families came out.
Here, you can see the youngsters racing to the finish of the 2K.
You can click to enlarge pictures.
No personal pictures of the 10K ... we were wearing exactly the right windbreakers and ear covers, we were only moderately chilled.
We ran, we finished! We celebrated.

PS Whole foods was giving away a couple of new-to-us gluten free products: "Enjoy Life" nut and gluten free snack bars and snickerdoodles.
The products have no wheat, gluten, soy, nuts... and we were delighted to see, also no potato (potato flour, often a cheap empty filler in gluten free foods).

For information about today's race:


peter said...

I love running bridges! Except for the wind, once you get going, 34 degrees isn't too bad. Of course, it is April.

Your post brought back wonderful memories of October 3, 2004. (Electioneering in the Twin Cities for four and a half hours while wearing my John Kerry t-shirt. But I shoulda been in Ohio.)

DawnB said...

say it isn't so sunshine. Peter is right 34 is not bad at all, 26mph wins is wat kills you. congrats on having a great time regardless

Sunshine said...

Yes, Peter.. somebody should have been watching Ohio in 2004. Big question for November is "Will the election be stolen, yet again?!"

Unknown said...

Looks cold! I hope it warms up for you soon.

CewTwo said...

I got up Sunday morning and prepared for my long run. It rather stopped when I saw the outside temperature was 34 degrees. Then I checked the weather for the rest of the day. What the heck, I thought, Go for it.

Running shorts, sleeveless jersey, and a sweat visor. Off I went!

It was cold until I got going, but soon I was warm enough.

I'm glad it wasn't too bad for you, either!

Aren't the events with kids the best?

ShirleyPerly said...

60's one day then 34 the next -- you guys really get a lot of temperature variations in the spring!

Just got a note from the race director of an indoor marathon in Northfield, MN, in January. His race is so popular that they now have to do a lottery to see who gets in (the track can support only 40 people). I hope I get in so I can see for myself what it's like up there in the winter (but run my MN marathon indoors :-).

Nancy said...

Sounds fun!! Another race under your belt.

IronWaddler said...

Is the weather ever going to change?? HAve a great run in the hills on the Ohio.

Vickie said...

So sorry your weather hasn't been very good! But you got out there anyway, good for you. And best of luck to you, Sweet Pea, and Don in your upcoming marathon! I'll be waiting to hear the details. I hope the weather is good for that!