Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Good Part

In an interview, Bob Harper, author of "Are You Ready" (to lose weight), suggested that people who want to lose weight might think of a part of their body that they like... Even maybe they like their feet.

I was thinking maybe eyes.. or hair ... or dimples ... or yes, maybe feet.
I can run: I like my feet!!

Sweet Pea was thoughtful for a few minutes.

Then in answer to: what part of your body do you like, she said,

"My heart"

Bless you, Sweet Pea.
You have a good heart, in every way!

Found a picture from the past: Sweet Pea at 3 years old, Christmas in Osseo.


Unknown said...

Those are both great answers to the question.

Thx for sharing the photo from the past as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Aaww...the "my heart" answer gave me goosebumps!

I love the picture :)

Backofpack said...

Such a good answer. I have not focused on a part, but rather on the whole. How well it works, moving me through life, carrying me through runs, giving me two wonderful sons, but...singly... my heart letting me love, my arms for hugging, my eyes for seeing the world around, my voice for whispering words of love, my sturdy legs running, my poor abused feet for carrying me...all of it.

Sunshine said...

I guess I should have explained better... the question was originally posed for people extremely overweight... Who usually don't like their physical bodies... and we were trying to answer in that spirit.

Backofpack: Your answer is a great one ... a lovely one.. for a marathon runner who is does not have a weight problem... And you do rock!!! You are awesome.

CewTwo said...

I would never answer that question on my own behalf. I would answer it the behalf of others.

Why did I get into running? Because others were concerned about all of my parts. When I talk to friends of weight loss, I always ask them if they love the one closest to them. That is why you should change yourself for the better. So you can spend as much time with them as God my grant to. After all, the one who helps themselves, always help others they care for!

Good topic!

peter said...

I stomach! I eat to satisfy it. It's got a bulge but my running makes it acceptable to me, it's not greatly protruding. I work on it in other ways than running with a variety of 12 quick yoga crunches every day (good for the core which is good for running). I went from not showing love for my stomach eight years when i was overweight to maintainance since then by exercise. That's the key, maintanance, which is so hard. Good thing I love running, which allows me to, in effect, compete with myself through undertaking challenges and using time to allow me to see if I have made an accomplishment.

Sunshine said...

Peter! What a delightful comment!!
Appreciating the insight!!