Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Good Day

The art of the parsnip:

Ran yesterday, rested today.
The art of the sunset.


Anonymous said...

nice...relaxing sunset :)

Nancy said...

I finally discovered parsnips a couple years ago. :D

Nice day.

Anne said...

I always confuse parsnips with turnips until I taste either and recall there's a big difference. Your photo makes them look appetizing.

CewTwo said...

There is taking a day of rest, then there is enjoying a day of rest! I see that you have talent in the latter!

Tubers! Ever read (at least partially) the book, Of Food And Cooking by Harold McGee? Intuitive and insightful, you will learn a lot about food and how we use it!

Always a pleasure, Sunshine! Thanks for sharing!

CewTwo said...
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