Friday, March 21, 2008

Minnesota Theater of Seasons

Sweet Pea Yesterday we got out in the neighborhood for nearly 8K. Notice the street is clear of snow and dry?

Today I traded my running shoes for snow boots to run out to feed the birds.
Yesterday this driveway was dry
Sunflower seed customer
Our average yearly snowfall is about 50 inches, and we have had less than 40, including the 5 inches we got today... See picture below.. taken this morning.
In contrast, this snowfall will probably put Chicago and Grand Rapids MI over 100 inches for the season.
Same trees, new snow, new picture We certainly should have the moisture, but street shoulders will be too snowy and sloppy tomorrow for safe running in Saturday traffic... Soooooooo back to the community center track to run tomorrow.
No time for running on Easter Sunday. On Monday resume training... and look forward to the snow melt and clearing of the Gateway Trail.


peter said...

When I lived in Boulder, we bragged that we had more sunny days than San Diego and more snow than Minneapolis. That was true, but not the whole story. My sister in St. Paul has assured me you don't see the ground in MN from November to April, and I believe that but here in DC we're running 10 miles tomorrow morning in 50 degree weather with, maybe, showers, and the cherry blossoms are stirring and the tulips are out.

DawnB said...

will it ever end... Happy Easter to you and yours.

rocketpants said...

man...all that snow! Glad you were able to get out yesterday.

IronWaddler said...

Happy Easter with a hope of sun and no more snow

Susan said...

Beautiful photographs! Good luck with upcoming snow...

Bob - said...

U guys still have that white stuff huh,

Have a very Happy Easter Day with ur family!!

and hope the spring comes soon for you!!

Unknown said...

Your weather has been crazy!!

Happy Easter!!